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Dana Loesch, Guns, and the Godless Left

Dec 19, 2015 at 5:38 AM

News commentator Dana Loesch is featured in this short propoganda piece for the National Rifle Assiation:

1) Claims divine protection (the assumed point of prayers in dangerous times). 
2) Demands the need for handguns...for personal protection.

I'm a licensed firearm owner, but I'm also one who sees the merit in challenging empty platitudes in the face of real-world problems. I also challenge the assertion that those who aren't NRA conservative types are without values, even evil. This is inflammatory language designed to ingite emotional responses, but it's not rooted in anything resembling evidence. Non-conservatives don't hate their nation, nor do conservatives love their nation more by simply being conservative.

I can't understand Loesch's GOD-GUN link, except as an attempt to place the NRA on a pillar of divine appointment, which is...well...ludicrous. ("God says shoot 'em. Woo!")

bible and guns should be taught in school

The (non-existent) attacks on Christmas, etc are all straw men. This is the most religiously free nation on earth. Loesch and her ilk are actually freaked that they might be losing, not freedom, but Christian privilege. They don't wish to share the table, or at the very least, they insist that a Christian be seated at the head of it.

There's merit to the idea (heard in better forums than Loesch's) that too many people give Islam a pass in regard to terrorism. Unlike Christianity, which had its enlightenment and, thankfully, stopped taking the barbarism of the Bible literally, fundamental Islam remains a theocratic meat grinder. And in the age of nuclear weapons, we don't have hundreds of years to wait for Islamists to come to their senses.


Ultimately, Dana Loesch is irresponsibly and inaccurately painting critics (many of them legitimate and deserving to be heard) as the villains in a fantastic holy war which - surprise! - has the National Rifle Association on the good side.

If Dana insists on invoking God, she should ask herself why a loving Father would sit invisibly, silently, impotently, as the bodies of good people are shredded in the streets, and why a worthy deity would require her to speak on his behalf.

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