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Christian Rock Band's Lead Singer Announces His Atheism

May 25, 2016 at 8:56 AM

I spent 12 years in the business of Christian music. Many more years immersed in this culture of comfort, reinforcement, and too often, slick marketing, profit margins, and alarmingly bad ideas.

The Christian Music Business.

I'm still convinced that a great many CCM, CHR and Christian Rock artists are true believers attempting to achieve a calling and help people, but I've also seen firsthand the airbrushed spirituality, conditioned response, and merchandising opportunities.

On top of this, Christian Music serves as a microcosm bent on self-validation, which makes "The Order of Elijah" such a compelling story.

the order of elijah

It takes a lot of guts for a band to call this kind of audible in the middle of a career game, to say such (potentially) unpopular things within earshot of those who may not be used to, expecting or accepting them.

They didn't take it on faith. They weren't satisfied with the word of another. They didn't just close their eyes and "trust it." They decided - come what may - to honestly and objectively evaluate their whole platform, and when they discovered more satisfying answers outside of religious doctrines, they went public with that information.

Huge props to "The Order of Elijah" for taking the journey, for being real when it would be much easier to fake it, and for giving others within earshot the encouragement to jump-start their own explorations into the historicity, the morality, the credibility or Christianity and all other faiths.

These guys asked the questions. Without fear. Without surrendering their own values. Without taking the easy detour into whitewashed excuses and pretzel-bent apologetics. And they emerged with answers that, while difficult at times, ultimately proved much more satisfying.

order of elijah

I'd love to see their inbox over the coming year, as I suspect many in their audience have been asking some of the same questions, and the journey for those people is only beginning.

Hemant Mehta just wrote an article about their story.

Drop by their Facebook page and give 'em a high-five: -Seth Andrews

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