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Love And Death at Christmas Dinner

Dec 27, 2017 at 9:39 AM
7 months ago


At Christmas dinner on Monday, I was asked what I do for a living. I answered politely. My devoutly religious parents were at the table, listening uncomfortably.

This morning via text:

"To my wonderful son whom I love much. I see your desire to lead other family members down your path of destruction. Do not do it.

"When Jesus comes to you, do not turn him away. You do not now realize it, but you are being called a fool. Wake up before you and your cohorts become ashes under the feet of those who did not turn Jesus away.

"I love you very much. Do not try to turn family down the path of destruction." - Mom

Above, we see language which is curiously like that of an abuser. Love. Pain. Love. Insult. Love. Judgment. Love. Ashes.

Interestingly, at the dinner table, I hadn't made a case or claim. Yet the mere presence of an atheist (and the answering of a simple question) was portrayed as an attack upon The Almighty, prompting a perverse "Love Jesus or We'll Be Walking Upon Your Ashes" threat.


Jesus knocking

Today, Mom joins Dad on the "blocked" list.

Why do I share this personal story here? Well, I'll admit to venting. But it's also an interesting case study in indoctrination, inherited belief systems, wild insecurity about a supposedly demonstrable Truth, and the perversion of love-based language to threaten others into submission.

The Church loves its happy-clappy verses about acceptance, charity, love and forgiveness. But never forget that the love narrative is constructed upon constant threats of anger, judgement, torture, flames and destruction.

"...ashes under the feet of those who did not turn Jesus away."

This is the true nature of the god that Christianity is selling.

Seth Andrews

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