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I'd Like a "C" for the Win, Alex.

The Thinking Atheist
Aug 17, 2012 at 7:33 AM
6 years ago

Well, I fell into the same trap that Jerry Coyne and others have fallen into. I agreed to do a recorded Skype interview for a show called Skeptiko.

That's Skeptiko, NOT Skeptico.

Had I done due diligence, I would have realized that Skeptiko is a podcast focused mostly on pseudoscience, and its host, Alex Tsakiris, is an advocate of things like parapsychology, ESP, quantum (insert fancy word here), out-of-body consciousness and all manner of Weapons-Grade Woo.

Alex invited me as a guest to talk about my tactics in dealing with the religious. Instead, after a quick introduction, he tossed out all pretense and began baiting me in an attempt to get me to admit that science actually supports stuff like spiritual near-death experiences and extra-sensory perception. 

I called Alex out on inviting me to an debate disguised as a discussion, vehemently rejected his assertions that science cannot provide satisfactory answers to life's questions and generally spent the next 45 minutes informing Alex (and his audience) that I reject, outright, all of this nonsense.

Of course, afterward, I did the homework I should have done beforehand, and I discovered that Skeptiko is hooey trussed up to (supposedly) resemble credible science, and I realized that I had 1) wasted my time and 2) done an interview with a host who has been called out for unfairly (and dishonestly) post-editing interviews and transcripts when the tide shifts out of his favor. Example:

I did not record the conversation on my end (an error I do not intend to make in the future).

So, my friends, when the interview posts on his page down the road (, and if you hear copious amounts of awkward silence or answers that simply don't sound like your humble host, keep this little note in mind, with my apology for not properly vetting the forum in which I participated.

In the meantime, if the folks at Skeptico ever issue an invitation, I'll gladly substitute that "c" for the "k" and enjoy honest discussion with those who seek to dismantle superstitious nonsense, not disguise it as credible science.


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