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Why Can't You Just Respect My Beliefs?

Oct 23, 2012 at 9:49 AM
5 years ago

It was inevitable that the theist brigade, the God Warriors, the apologist acrobats would find my latest video about the Creation Museum. And again, I'm simply stunned at the number of times these people trod out the same arguments. 

The most prevalent protest runs along the lines of, "Why can't atheists just respect my beliefs?"

FOR THE RECORD, FOLKS. A belief doesn't automatically earn respect just because you hold it. James Randi put it best when he said, "No amount of belief makes something a fact." Isn't the larger, more important question to ask: "Is it true?" instead of "Does it make me feel all warm and gooey?"

And Creationism, demonstrably false, is being addressed by the skeptical community because it is constantly being thrust into political platforms, school systems and the vulnerable brains of young children. 

Religion isn't a benign, happy "hobby" that carries no consequences. Religion is a virus, spreading exponentially. Religion is an army perpetually on the offensive...pouty, self-righteous and indignant over the slightest resistance, nonplussed that anyone would have the nerve to push back against the tide.

If superstitious activists weren't constantly pushing bogus history, pseudoscience, indoctrination and guilt, our response would not be necessary. Unfortunately, it has never been more necessary, and free-thinkers are growing in numbers and courage.

Here in the Information Age, the God's bullies are realizing that they no longer dominate the playground, crying the tears and throwing the tantrums of spoiled children. To them, the scenario was only fair if they acted without challenge and spoke without rebuttal. But those days are over.

To the religious: Play the victim all you wish. It doesn't mean you are one.



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