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Oct 24, 2012 at 10:52 AM
5 years ago

On this day of 100,000 YouTube subscribers (cheers, folks!), allow me a moment to say thanks to some very, very important people. 




Your whip-smart, intelligent and often riotously funny posts/comments have made the TTA pages even more enjoyable. 

Your blog materials on the main website (ala the Hitler and Islam posts) are thick with information and provide solid ammunition for all of us in the fight against crazy, superstitious nonsense.  

And having you here as co-admin has 1) lightened the load for this crazy-busy producer and 2) helped to maintain just the right tempo for a page that's designed primarily as a community and safe haven for freethinkers.  

Thanks so much for making TTA better.  (Side note, thanks for being responsible for adding the word "batshit" to my daily vocabulary.)



Since the early days, you've managed and maintained the TTA forum with a deft hand and amazing reserve. 

You've kept the trolls at bay.  You've kept the exchanges civil.  And you've allowed the forum users a place where they can talk about more than just atheism....a place where they can connect as friends over issues large and small.  

Once again, Canada provides something that, like William Shatner, peanut butter and Niagara Falls, is just plain awesome.


Your website skills (and your company, WebEvolved) have given The Thinking Atheist site the polish and intuitive layout it really needed. 

You've put up with my late-night email requests for content updates.  You've given me valuable counsel on web-related stuff.  And you've given me hope that I'm not the only Libertarian-leaning atheist in the United States.  :)



My Aussie brother, you took a crappy store layout handed down by my first web company (Heritage Web Design, now defunct and THEY DESERVE IT), and you worked your code-writing-nerd magic to develop a store interface I can actually manage.   

You're always full of great ideas, and you put up with my scattered brain and never-convenient schedule to develop content and solve problems.  I once heard that a popular Australian compliment is, "Your blood's worth bottling!"   Personally, I find this a tad creepy, but hey, if it's something that might help me convey my deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks, so be it! 

There are many more.  Gary, who is a crazy-talented artist and major contributor to "Jesus: The Revenge."  Stacey, a brilliant photographer and the person responsible for our "Deity Free" and "Facepalm" t-shirts.  Julie Just, a prevalent narrator for my videos.  Steve from Tennessee, podcast celebrity and expounder of wisdom...a man who has become one of my favorite friggin' people EVER.  So many more. 

These people...and all of you...have taken the website, the videos, the podcasts, the Facebook page, the community and the mission personally.  I honestly don't know where TTA would be without you, but I'm absolutely convinced that it would be a much diminished place. 

My deepest thanks.  And congratulations.  We all share this success together!


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