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Nov 2, 2012 at 6:22 AM
5 years ago

No, it's not satire. It's a legitimate show targeted (of course) to young children. It's called Bibleman.  (Click HERE to check out an episode, but keep your nausea medication handy.) 


The original incarnation of Bibleman starred Willie Aames. Yeah, one of the middle children on the classic TV show "Eight is Enough." Robert T. Schlipp took over from 2003-2011.

The plot line is priceless: Miles Peterson was a man who had it all. Wealth, status, success. Still, there was something missing; Miserable, alone, his spirit beaten, Miles Peterson gave up. But in his darkest hour the words of the Bible began to change his life, and Miles felt the burning desire to know God. Inspired by the word of God and his faith, Miles pledged to fight evil in the name of God, as Bibleman.

Bibleman w friends


Yes, it's a car wreck. Yes, it is its own punchline. Yes, it induces weapons-grade facepalms. But, unfortunately and on a more serious note, it is being drilled into the impressionable brains of young children as "Truth" as religious parents strive to ensure that their kids are constantly exposed to (if I may borrow from Darrel Ray) The God Virus.

When I see this stuff in that context, it's not so funny or cute. It reminds me of the superstitious, ridiculous nonsense constantly pounded into my skull at the age of age when I looked at my mentors with absolute trust and, because I had no frame of reference, this type of stuff seemed perfectly normal. 

This is why the church is so determined to get 'em early, to grab hold of them at their most impressionable and to brand them for life. 

Yeah. That's not so funny. In fact, it makes me want to crawl through the monitor and kick Bibleman in the junk.


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