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The World's Biggest Dinosaurs!

Jun 7, 2013 at 1:14 PM
5 years ago

One candidate for Most Eye-Assaulting Website of the Year is for a "museum" that provides an "educational adventure" in the vein of Ken Ham's Creation Museum.  It's called "The World's Biggest Dinosaurs Museum."

dinos in parking lot

Now watch this. The website places degreed physicians at the top of their claims that "the theory of Darwinian evolution is fundamentally and fatally flawed."

Benjamin S. Carson M.D. ("one of the world's most foremost pediatric neurosurgeons") is chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Medical School. Carson asserts that, 150 years after Darwin, there is still no evidence for evolution.


Dr. John D. Morris of the Institute for Creation Research weighs in, declaring that "catastrophic hydraulic and tectonic forces" of a global flood explain the fossils, and that the biblical account of Noah's Flood (aka: the mass drowning of men, women and children) has been "recorded for our edification."


dino holding sign

What's dangerous about sites and attractions like these is that their spokespeople brandish impressive-sounding credentials that place a slick wrapping paper on this malodorous lump of dinosaur droppings. And the Confirmation Bias crowd stands eager to lap it up and ask for more.

For kids, it's even more tragic, because their wide-eyed faces brim with excitement at the Dino Dig, the T-Rex Museum and "dino kiddie rides." The place even offers rooms for private birthday parties!

Again, the target is children. The tactics are shameless. The consequences are serious. The indoctrination of young minds with fiction disguised as fact is something that should be called out, exposed and challenged.

To those with questions about the evidence for evolution, a few suggestions include:

To Dr. Benjamin S. Carson and the rest of the proselytizing pod people, I simply ask the question, "What...the...hell?"




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