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Jun 14, 2013 at 8:09 AM
5 years ago

I'm a fan of secular/atheist/freethought/whatever conferences and events.  Sure, the religious are eager to brand such gatherings as just another "church," a label which other gatherings of like-minded individuals never get.  (And hey!  Where's our tax-exempt status?  Hello?)

Some in the atheist community are reluctant to participate in conventions because they don't want to look like a follower, a sheep, a conformist, and I always remind them of the following:

  • The church doesn't own community. 

  • Humans are relational creatures, and uniting for a common purpose has tremendous merit.

  • There is strength in numbers, and our numbers continue to skyrocket.

  • (Most) Conventions are informative and lot of fun.

For my part, I enjoy rubbing elbows with fellow freethinkers, and I'm always pleased to see the laughter, the goodwill and the family atmosphere as hundreds converge to stand up for reason over superstition.  I often get the honor of meeting people whose videos I've watched and whose books I've read, and I'm able to thank them personally for their knowledge and insights.  I also have the privilege of meeting those who have made The Thinking Atheist community what it is today, and seeing their smiling faces is worth every mile driven and every hotel dollar spent.

There are several events still on the 2013 calendar.  If there's one in your region, consider being a part of it.  I've included a convention list below.  Many thanks to the organizers, sponsors and volunteers who make these things happen.  

JUNE 21-23 - LAS VEGAS: SSA Conference West

JUNE 22 - OKLAHOMA CITY: Oklahoma Freethought Convention

JULY 12-14 - COLUMBUS: SSA Conference East

JULY 20 - DENVER: Colorado Secular Conference

AUGUST 30-SEPT 2 - BOSTON: Atheist Alliance of American Convention

SEPTEMBER 13 - PHILADELPHIA: Pennsylvania Atheist/Humanist Convention

SEPTEMBER 20-22 - OMAHA: Apostacon

OCTOBER 19 - AKRON: The Sexy Secular Conference

NOVEMBER 15-17 - SPRINGFIELD: Skepticon 6



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