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Bill Nye and the Creationist Guy

Jan 10, 2014 at 6:46 AM
4 years ago

ken ham bill nye debate poster

In the matter of the upcoming debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, my friend AronRa has absolutely nailed it in his short clip on the subject, stating:

"...debating Bill Nye lends him {Ken Ham} credibility, no matter what happens.

"Whoever wins or loses in public debates is decided by audience response, and Ham has the home field advantage. As long as he has control of censorship and editing, it doesn't matter how well “the science guy” does against him. The faithful flock will still cheer and jeer on cue and chant Ham’s praises afterward.

“This isn’t the forum for a scientist. This is the venue of a strategist.”

Ken Ham actually re-posted Aron's short video commentary about the debate on his own FB page, declaring it "ridiculous propaganda these atheists disseminate about biblical creationists...but then again, atheists don't have the same absolute moral basis as Christians do so that's understandable."

That right, folks. You promote science, evidence, reason and an honest examination of the facts because you have no moral compass.

Bill Nye is so much better than this circus. He has given Ken Ham tons of free press, ticket sales and attention in a time when Ham has been drowning in his own irrelevance, struggling to keep the Creation Museum solvent and begging people to cover the tens of millions he lacks on construction of The Ark Encounter.

ken ham poster

Yesterday, Ham was a footnote. Today, he's a headline. And for people like him, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

I can only hope that Nye elevates the exchange as Ham seeks to capitalize on it, and the watching public will see the charlatan's wild claims of magic as the nonsense it is.

-Seth Andrews

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