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The "Son of God" Survey

Feb 27, 2014 at 8:50 AM
4 years ago

The religious website BreatheCast has an article about Diogo Morgado, an actor in the new film "Son of God," and his assertion that this latest on-screen version of the Christ tale has atheists feeling "touched" and even prompted to re-examine their non-belief.

son of god poster

Having seen the "Son of God" trailer (another misty rehash starring Sebastian Knapp's hairstylist and a host of constipated-looking Z actors), and knowing a bit about atheists, I'll just say it outright:

Either Diogo Morgado is lying when he asserts that an overwhelming amount of atheists say they've been "touched" by this film, or he stumbled upon a couple of random fence-sitters somewhere and just ran with it.

Nobody who's involved with atheists and atheist communities buys the story that this cinematic Holy Hallmark Moment would make a dent in the steamroller of scientific and historical evidence against the Jesus story and the whole of Christian scripture, or that non-believers would be melting like butter amid this film's longing gazes, sepia tones and swooning soundtrack.


Yo. We left religion because we rejected the idea of using emotion to determine truth.

You and I have seen this before. The God Squad giggles with glee as they prop some random convert up under the banner, "Former atheist finds God!" Yes, every once in awhile, somebody, somewhere will step from non-belief to belief, but even a cursory look at religion statistics reveals this as the exception, not the rule.

And most importantly, and it has nothing (zero, zip, nada) to do with the evidence. "Bob's now a Christian!" is as relevant to the examination of the facts as the local casino billboard flashing, "Bob just won $10,000 on Wheel of Fortune Slots!"

Religion cannot win on the facts. So it does what Ken Ham did at the Ham/Nye debate earlier this month. It trods out poster children and says, "Look who WE have!"

movie screening

I have an idea for Diogo Morgado and the "Son of God" producers. Hold a private screening (and make it free, 'cause I ain't payin' for this shit), and populate the entire audience with atheists. At the end credits, in front of live television cameras, survey each viewer with the following questions:

1) Has this film changed your opinion about Christianity?
2) Are you more interested in becoming a Christian?

Now that...would be a touching moment.

-Seth Andrews



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