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Merry Christmas (from an atheist)

Dec 22, 2014 at 10:10 AM
3 years ago


I'm amused at the yearly "Keep Christ in Christmas" protests all over social media (and especially on Fox News).

Here's the thing. A TON of non-Christians love the Christmas holiday. They call it Christmas (which is the holiday's proper name). They don't care how you personally celebrate it, as long as you're not claiming that it's a day exclusive to your particular faith or ramming it down our throats. Non-Christians enjoy Christmas trees, Christmas music, gifts, decorations, hot cider, time with family, yearly traditions, and the lights, sights and sounds of the season.

The holiday belongs to us all, and we can all celebrate it in the ways that resonate with us.


Some like to chest-thump that they're taking some kind of brave stand for Jesus by blurting out "CHRISTmas" every 30 seconds (and by putting an illuminated plastic baby on the front lawn), all the while oblivious that non-Christians don't want to take Christ out of Christmas any more than they want to take Thor out of Thursday. (Yes, our days of the week are named for pagan deities. Monday = Moon's day, Tuesday = Tyr's day, Wednesday = Woden's day, etc)

Are there some of us who don't hold to a literal manger story? Yep. But we're not threatened by someone else's belief in a manger story (personal religious belief is a Constitutionally-protected right), and we usually only get irritated when the church/state line gets blatantly crossed and/or some Sarah Palin type informs the planet that Christmas is a private party and only Christians are invited. (Someone should inform Palin and her ilk that the bulk of the Christmas holiday is actually based on pre-Christ pagan celebrations like the Festival of Saturnalia...and that if Jesus existed, he wasn't actually white.  Here's my 15-minute VIDEO which examines Christmas.)  

o'reilly war on christmas

There is no War on Christmas, no matter how many times Sean Hannity claims there is. It's a teapot tempest. It's a straw man. It's Don Quixote's windmill. So just relax, crank up the holiday tunes, serve up the hot wassail, decorate your life with flashing lights and Christmas colors, give and receive gifts, connect, laugh, love, make some memories, spend time with the people who bring the good stuff into your life, and do whatever makes the holiday meaningful for you.

And Merry Christmas.

Seth Andrews

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