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My Family Thinks I'm Going To Hell

Apr 25, 2015 at 8:57 AM

On Tuesday, we have a radio podcast called "My Family Thinks I'm Going To Hell," populated with the personal stories and perspectives of those who've encountered this attitude firsthand.  



In a nutshell, I have a message to the fear pimps who are promoting this heinous idea.

Parents. Siblings. Children. Friends. Associates. Total strangers...

STOP attempting to frighten others into allegiance by threatening that The Loving God will roast them in the unimaginably sadistic cauldron of agony called Hell.

The bullshit line that "He doesn't send you there; you choose it" is so pathetic as to be laughable, especially given the "Love me or I'll burn you" crossroad at which the choice is supposed to be made.

Yahweh is conflicted and grieved by our damnation? This makes no sense. Why would an omniscient, omnipotent creature ever have conflict or regret? He would have foreseen the issues (omniscience) and resolved them before the damage was done (omnipotence).

Yahweh requires fire for the purification of evil? Fine. Now we know he's not omnipotent, for an all-powerful deity wouldn't be bound by any requirement.

Yahweh calls Hell a just punishment? Wonderful. He just made Auschwitz look like a day spa.

Yahweh gets your worship? Nice. You adore our torturer.

hell w demons

What kind of a dysfunctional person says ("in love") that another must accept (or at least acquiesce to) an entity or idea that is 1) so unclear that 2/3 of the planet worships someone else or no one at all and 2) allows his arch-enemy to run around deceiving those He wishes to save and 3) declares absolute, perfect love for imperfect humans while threatening to cook them alive for the sin of being imperfect?

It's time for those who participate in the promotion of this unsubstantiated, unsupportable and unconscionable idea to understand that the very idea of a literal Hell refutes the existence of a just and worthy god. That attempting to strike at fear impulses has no bearing on the merits/facts of the claim you're selling as Truth. And that it's, simply, hugely, offensive to threaten other people with everlasting, writhing, screaming torment while claiming to stand on the side of Goodness.

You've frightened children. You've preyed on the vulnerable and broken. You've tainted beautiful ideas like "love" and "justice." You're defending a god whose actions you'd never emulate personally. You're leading with threats instead of facts. And you're betraying your own high level of dysfunction...bowing down and kissing the feet of a sadist.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. And you should know better.

My video on Hell is called "Burn Victims:"

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