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Nov 2, 2012 4:28:46 AM
Nov 2, 2012 4:37:30 AM

No, it's not satire. It's a legitimate show targeted (of course) to young children. It's called Bibleman.  (Click HERE to check out an episode, but keep your nausea medication handy.)    The original incarnation of Bibleman starred Willie Aames. Yeah, one of the middle children on the classic TV show "Eight is Enough." Robert T. Schlipp took over from 2003-2011. The plot line is priceless: Miles Peterson was a man who had it all. Wealth, status, success. Still, there was something missing;...

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Ten Questions About God

Sep 19, 2012 7:26:52 AM
Sep 19, 2012 10:49:50 AM

As a former Christian, I look back upon my religious days with a genuine fascination.  What governed my thinking?  How did I approach, examine, rationalize and ultimately accept the tenets of Christianity?  How well did I really know my bible?  Was I examining those verses with a rational mind?  Did I practice my faith or merely give it lip service?  How far would I have been willing to go if God had tested me like so many of the characters in scripture? Did I really believe what I beli...

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