10 years out, Iraq, a disaster ?
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29-03-2013, 08:44 AM
RE: 10 years out, Iraq, a disaster ?
I don't think Iraq was a disaster. (I totally do, but...) The declining American oil industry together with increasing oil consumption needed help. Also, great outsourcing of workforce abroad left many American men unemployed. If that wasn't enough, the American debt was rising and economy still more bogged down by big countless government services and agencies.
The solution?

Go to war! Grab some oil, revive the economy by weapon production, clear out the old weapon storages, alleviate the unemployment, ensure re-election of the wartime president and gather a great support for our troops and hence government policy. Meanwhile the public will enjoy to see Saddam and Osama get what they deserve and be freed from the little awareness it ever had of such a thing as national borders, state sovereignity or conscience. Out of public eye this war will also allow to pass some very useful laws to ensure public order.

All right, that worked great. Where do we go next? Just one letter off, I suppose. No big difference, change Q to N.
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