100 million dollars
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28-08-2015, 03:14 PM
100 million dollars
(28-08-2015 01:46 PM)Anjele Wrote:  
(28-08-2015 01:44 PM)Tonechaser77 Wrote:  One check or two;
two checks or three?
Are they coming from one god
or the trinity?

Will I die if I touch it? Will the serpent be there?
Walking on all fours or slithering in despair?
Are my options limited to the six you have stated?
If I can't think of a 7th, is a black swan created?

If Charity is a virgin upon choosing option four
Is this eternal doom or will I get 72 more?
So seems my dilemma, each path I could take
Would lead me to destruction, but alas all is fake

So....... I will not take your cheque you see
I will not take it, from you to me
I will not take it on the ground
I will not take it spinning 'round

I will not take it on the moon
I will not take it if from a baboon
I will not take it in a car
Or on a bus or near a star

I won't accept this tyranny
I can't, I shant, don't you see?
I will not, shall not, take the cash
I won't fall prey to your cerebral rash

Your question is faulty
your circuitry is short
You assume god exists,
in your premise you exhort

So take your story and your questions too
And cast them into the sea so blue
A sea of forgetfulness from east to west
So I can forget this goddamn mess!


No, I'm not worthy, I just heart Dr. Seuss lol

**Crickets** -- God
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