15 year sentence for ex-mountie
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06-05-2017, 03:18 PM
15 year sentence for ex-mountie
Been thinking about many of the aspects of this situation lately. I mean the trial is done and this guy is on his way to somewhere else to do his time, but behind him he leaves a young teenager who seems to be convince that the abuse was not only his fault, but an acceptable way to do things. Another consideration is the blame this guy placed on his past experiences from a region that we're still bringing in a lot of refugees from. I'm not gonna get involved in the immigration debate in and of itself, I've spent time as a volunteer with Canadian Council for Refugees so my willingness to help should be clear, but we've got almost an entire wing full of the mal adapted gang member children (now young adults) of parents who came to Canada as Somali refugees.

I need a new job lol. This shit gets depressing.

Disgraced Mountie sentenced to 15 years for starving and torturing his 11-year-old son

Quote:The disgraced former RCMP officer who starved and tortured his 11-year-old son in a Kanata basement in 2013 has been sentenced to 15 years in an abuse case the judge said reached extreme, systematic violence that robbed the boy of his childhood.

Maranger told the packed court.

“The extreme violence and psychological degradation of this child was beyond comprehension,” the judge said.

For most people involved, the nightmare of the painful trial is over, the judge said, but he noted that it will take the boy, now 15, “a lifetime to heal.”

Maranger convicted the Ottawa father in November of assault, sexual assault, forcible confinement and failing to provide the necessities of life.

The Mountie, who was fired after his convictions in November, will serve 13 years after being credited for pre-trial custody.

He videotaped his naked and shackled son while he inflicted disturbing, religious-themed interrogations, demanding the emaciated boy repent and screaming he would “weep blood” for his so-called sins.

At one point, the ex-Mountie enlisted a Roman Catholic priest to perform an exorcism.

In one of the videos that reduced defence lawyers and police to tears at trial, the tiny, frightened boy begged: “I want my family back.”

The boy spent the last month of his captivity trying to escape his basement horror in which he was chained to a post as he slept and forced to use a bucket for a toilet while the rest of his family went about their routines upstairs.

That he managed to loosen his chains and escape is what led to the child-abuse case against his father and stepmother, 37, who was also found guilty in November on lesser charges of assault with a weapon (wooden spoon) and failing to provide the necessities of life.

The father testified in his own defence, and presented himself as a victim, speaking for hours about his fragile state of mind. He detailed the troubles of his own childhood in war-torn Lebanon. He talked about dead bodies, bombs and the day he was raped by a teacher.

He spoke of “extreme nightmares” from his youth, his troubled career in the RCMP and how a so-called problem child was the last thing he needed. He tried to explain that he thought his boy was possessed and he feared he’d grow up to be a sexual predator.

“Me and my son were at war … I had an enemy in front of me.”

Dr. Helen Ward, a psychiatrist hired by the defence, testified that the man suffered from “chronic and severe” PTSD and narcissism. The expert witness who examined him told court he did not express remorse and she tried to explain, not excuse, his horrific acts.

The ex-Mountie saw his son as possessed and wild, though he wasn’t by everyone else’s accounts, from teachers to doctors to neighbours and family.

'Murican Canadian
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06-05-2017, 03:26 PM (This post was last modified: 06-05-2017 03:52 PM by jennybee.)
RE: 15 year sentence for ex-mountie
So sad. That poor kid. Ugh I hate hearing things like this. Religious themed interrogations. Why am I not surprised religion was involved?

While all horrific, this part especially tore at my heart: "“Me and my son were at war … I had an enemy in front of me.” I can't even imagine the horrors this boy went through.
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06-05-2017, 04:24 PM
RE: 15 year sentence for ex-mountie
Damn! That's fucked up.

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