2 androids walk into a bar????
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08-06-2017, 05:32 PM
2 androids walk into a bar????
I have been following news about "the singularity" since two thousand five ad it's interesting, I just haven't seen certan things discussed and I was looking for some good opinions on the possibilities. so here is a couple questions/scenarios.

lets say you get an a.i. in the mail. a personal android of your own. the android lives with you for a month and sees two things. 1. that your depressed and 2. that you love video games. so the a.i. scowers the enternet for the skills and makes a video game to sell on steam and cheers you up . just one problem the robot is kind of a pay per month rental and you don't have the cash to continue renting it. so in this scenario who owns the video game.

also has anybody ever thought about if a.i. is on the cloud then it working with other a.i. to aid it's users in brute force. i.e. Jane wants a couch. Janes android scowers the internet and gets her one that is free cycled plus free delivery because of two other people. one desperate to get rid of a couch and another just looking for new friends... or would we let a.i have this kind of reach in he first place.

what's your opinio0ns on these two scenarios. ty for your time.

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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08-06-2017, 07:06 PM
RE: 2 androids walk into a bar????
I think many people would fight their ability to network. It's bad enough that we have to be diligent with browsers and an operating system that tracks us. Can you imagine a network of AI personal assistants who not only access your home, but also share information like personal moods and needs?

Think about it this way: Suppose you're married, and your spouse posts on social media and forums about your every need and desire?

OK, so only these AIs have access. Nope. You need maintenance. Or still, now you have the same social media and forum posts, but you and your fellow humans can't access it.

Conspiracy theories and fears would be at an all-time high, possibly with good reason.
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