2 questions about ADD and ADHD
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04-11-2012, 01:36 PM
RE: 2 questions about ADD and ADHD
(03-11-2012 04:22 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  I think it is a made up disorder. I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid, but I think it is just some peoples personalities, or traits that some people decided was bad. If I ever have children, and they are diagnosed, they aren't getting any meds for it. Call me what you will, but that is my opinion, its bullshit. It is a way for pharmaceutical companies and doctors get get money while parents get to look at their child and 'it isn't their fault, it's a disorder'. I am not alone in this thought either. It is a conspiracy, but before you judge me to be a nutter, read up on it.

EDIT: Just realized that sounded harsh, but I didn't mean it that way, and I am not on here to argue a case, all I am saying is read up on the history of the so-called epidemic that began out of thin air and judge for yourself. There is an excellent documentary on Netflix about this very subject which I recommend as well. I just think some peoples behavior is naturally different than others and that it normal, not a disorder. How many people have to get a "disorder" before it is considered norm behavior. I'm not saying the meds won't help folks concentrate, I'm just saying I think that the meds are altering the way their perfectly normal minds work, which I don't like.

All too often people are too quick to diagnose people. They see only the attention deficit and neglect to understand that the rest of the disorder has other effects.

One solid indicator is the reaction to things like coffee and other stimulants. Which will show calming effects in the adhd person, while the non-adhd person may develop adhd like behaviors.

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