20 Minutes that Changed Music
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20-12-2011, 09:12 AM
RE: 20 Minutes that Changed Music
(20-12-2011 06:52 AM)Filox Wrote:  Well, I still think that Queen had bigger impact on the whole music scene than ... well, anyone ever. And it's still today. Led Zeppelin had more specialized audience, Queen was for everyone everywhere. That is the only reason.

I was on Robert Plant concert a few years ago and he played some of the Zeppelin songs. Can you imagine it? I heard a real, live songs of Led Zeppelin. If you can dig up my picture from the picture thread, you can see how much happy I was, my smile tell it all.


Of I go to listen to them for the rest of the day.


You make your case well.

And yes, I can imagine it! I saw Robert Plant twice in the late 80s and early 90s. It was quite the experience. And I enjoy his solo stuff, but when he pulled out a few dusty Zep tunes, it was a divine experience. Wink

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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