2012 Religious Gifts Inventory
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09-12-2012, 10:47 AM
2012 Religious Gifts Inventory
Figured it's inevitable we'll be getting some religious gift/cards over the holidays. I got my first Friday...it was from my new boss. I see how she's making an effort to make nice after all the crap she incited since coming on board, but she's not very intuitive about keeping work & religion separate. At least it's functional.

She's giving all the females in the office a tube of hand lotion. The design on the tube is a pretty Victorian bird/flower scene....and then I saw, "God Bless Our Home." I found that odd & mildly funny, until I realized she hadn't bothered to remove the price sticker on the back, which clearly shows the name of the Christian bookstore where it was purchased. Totally tactless. :eyeroll: I'm curious to see what she gives the guys on our Team.

I also like to take note each year of which departments send religious-themed holiday cards to the other departments. My former boss is very religious and a pastor's wife, but to my knowledge in my 5 years' time here has never crossed the line.

OK, out with it! Let the 2012 Religious Gifts Inventory begin!

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