2015 Baseball Playoffs
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16-10-2015, 12:41 PM (This post was last modified: 16-10-2015 12:46 PM by Grasshopper.)
2015 Baseball Playoffs
Any other baseball fans here? Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?

I am conflicted:

1. "My" team (the Milwaukee Brewers) was terrible this year -- never even in the hunt.

2. I hate the very concept of wild card teams. A league should be represented in the World Series by its best team. With multiple divisions and unbalanced schedules, it's hard to say who that is, but we can pretty clearly say who it isn't -- a team that wasn't even the best team in its division (which describes any and all wild card teams).

3. However... a case can be made that the 3 best teams in all of major league baseball this year were the Cardinals, Pirates, and Cubs (they certainly had the 3 best records) -- all in the same division. The way the seedings worked out, they had to play each other right away, and only the Cubs remain. So a case can be made that the Cubs are the best of the remaining playoff teams.

4. However... as a Wisconsinite, I am bound to hate and despise and loathe all Chicago teams -- especially the Cubs.

So -- the Cubs are probably the best remaining team, but they are a wild card team (and even worse, a second wild card team), and I hate and despise and loathe them. How can I root for them? I can't. I don't love the Mets either. Both Toronto and Kansas City have former Brewers on their roster (and KC's manager is a former Brewer), so I guess I will be rooting for whoever survives that series.
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16-10-2015, 06:15 PM
RE: 2015 Baseball Playoffs
Go RedSox!

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