3- "The invisibility of God" Really scientific matter to deny him?
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29-09-2011, 09:37 AM
RE: 3- "The invisibility of God" Really scientific matter to deny him?
what? I don't understand your statements and I'm beginning to believe it has little to do with the grammar issues.

"And if you can't see, how can I prove to you the existence of Sun?
It is just blindness problem. " - Faith

Here's the real problem, that is a false statement that cannot be proven or even argued with. Firstly the sun can be seen, and secondly if for some ridiculous reason we could suddenly no longer see the sun and yet it still did exactly what it does now, there a multitude of measurements we could take to prove the sun was still there, we could even use infrared to see it. Because it exists and therefore adheres to scientific laws. But if you want to say it not only goes invisible but all efforts to measure it's effects for some reason come back showing it not existing and yet it still does it's work, then you are making it un-testable and therefor the argument of a child. I could say the same thing about god. Which would be a poor mans way of debate. And a completely incorrect way of proving something is true.

"I am saying whole universe is his production and witness of him.
And you say, I can't see."-Faith

Here's another problem, you seem to think you have some knowledge we don't. When in actuality it seems as though you are the one lacking knowledge, and you replace knowledge with "I say it, and thus it is so".
I mean just because you think that the whole universe being in existence is somehow proof of god making it, doesn't make it so. I could again, use the same argument against you to the same avail. I think the whole universe existing is proof god doesn't exist. There you see, no proof, no actual evidence, just a bald statement. Doesn't work so well as a convincing argument does it? Besides a whole bunch of guys smarter than either of us are starting to think there are more than one universe... so is god just greedy?

"if you can't see now, don't worry, death will Remove the curtain from your eyes and you will see then..."-Faith

Again, I can't help but hear the cocky assuredness in your typed words. You are so certain of something without ever having seen proof. Actual proof. I almost hope there is a god, only that it's not yours. All the rules you followed not meaning a hot lick of shit, and you having to pay for being so cocky. Only instead you're more likely to just rot in the ground. That much is proven. Your body will indeed rot, unless you burn yourself like I intend to.

No more baseless statements as proof please. You said that you were going to prove god, so do it, or take a hike. Or even better actively participate in the forum instead of filling it with tripe.

"I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments." -Jim Morrison
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30-09-2011, 12:35 AM
RE: 3- "The invisibility of God" Really scientific matter to deny him?
We have already agreed that he is a troll, and a Baha'i one in fact. So stop feeding him, he will go away eventually. He doesn't even read our posts, otherwise he would know what questions I was referring to, there are only a hundred of them from the begining of this thread...



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I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.
-Hunter S. Thompson
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