3 yeas in jail to a doctress for her attempted murder
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07-12-2013, 10:05 PM (This post was last modified: 07-12-2013 10:13 PM by HU.Junyuan.)
3 yeas in jail to a doctress for her attempted murder
Luckily, she didn't have enough points on her stealth skills. Even doctors and doctresses are not able to become omni-professional.


Chinese news link:


My summary and translation:

Sentence of 3 yeas in jail to a female doctor for her attempted murder

The people's court of Yuecheng District of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province recently made the first instance judgement of a suspected murder case. The defendant, a doctress, was sentenced to serve in jail for 3 years. The reason for the attempted murder is because of an unfruitful relationship of hers with her student during turtoring.

The doctress, 31 years of age, was a tutor to the 21-year-old student. Although they developed a relationship, they broke up by reasons such as the age gap. The doctress was convinced that she was cheated and her feelings hurt, and that she must revenge.

Then she prepared herself well. She first bought an axe, a hammer, a knife, a saw, Valium pills and a suitcase, and she taught herself how to pick locks. After making a plan of quietly sedating or knocking out the student and then taking him away in the suitcase for some serious questioning, she picked open the door to the student's home, put the tranquillizer pills into his cup, hid under his bed with all her tools, and waited quietly. In her plan, she decided to kill the student if his answers were satisfactory.

But in reality, the student found the doctress under his bed with a knife. He summoned his parents and called the police. The doctress crawled out from under the bed and confronted the student and his parents until being arrested by the police who showed up shortly after.

The people's court believed that her actions had already constituted an act of murder. Yet she telephoned the student's family beforehand, the pills she put in the cup were not of a lethal dosage, and she didn't make actions like poking, stabbing, hammering or smashing that had the potential of endangering the student's life, therefore the people's court decided that a lesser punishment would be appropriate.

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