4 fate core questions
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21-02-2016, 06:05 PM
4 fate core questions
Q1.does anybody else feel like magic in fate core is a deuus ex machina.. I hate to say it but sometimes people just list magic as an abiity and that allows them to do anything.. is there any work around besides making yourself pk type.. like for example if you want to make a highly versatile/utility mage..

q2.. was looking for opinion on how to make passive aspects in fate core.... i.e. glass canon that isn't completely unplayable or master of weapons vs the guy that's really good with one or dual weapon but their in the same game.... so do you think passive aspects are the answer... what I mean by pasive aspects.. they just invoke themselves under certain criteria but use no fate points....

Q3. I guess this question is here because I ask the first two here but this is the genera; idea... how to make a character versatile with out giving them unlimited abilities.... vs how to have hem with a character that has really good expertise in on area all together in the same game....

Q4. what do you think of passive aspects.. I think they can make things like glass canons and othe rtypes of characters work well witghout making them unplayable....

was just curious to your opinions on this thank you

p.s. I have put this on the rpg forum board and as an yahoo answer. so here is hoping for lots of good answers....

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