50% gun play/40% magic/10% mele attacks
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18-07-2014, 08:55 PM
50% gun play/40% magic/10% mele attacks
I have a little rant I want to get to here in a moment but first I got to mention this..... i finaly made a list of books that are sci-fantasy a while back and then i realized my problem of why I don't see much scifantasy. I don't have enough cash. I only get $45 a month. so dose anybody know where on can get scifantasy stuff for cheap....

but onto why I am here. I waited months for game play footage of destiny to be released and I finally saw it. I was disappointed.. i mean the game is god by anyone standards but I find it's lack of arcane ability use to be disturbing. I mean the reason i wanted the game in the first plae and was going to by it was the fact it was sold to me as gunplay and magic but the closest game that I found to that is the shadowrun shooter for the xbox360. so is anybody else disappointed like me.

p.s. they should make a shadowrun movie. it would be so awesome.
p.s.s. I am tired of waiting for someone to releasing what I want and am writing a book with gun play and magic in it... lol

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