6 million dollar persona
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12-02-2016, 08:44 PM
6 million dollar persona
Have you ever had that game that was screaming.. "play me..." play me kunox..." and everything was lining up. the stars where aligned to have one of those game ideas you kind of joked about because they were only in your wildest imaginations.. to only have it be completely unplayable due to one detail. well to me that game is yandere simulater.. I love the mechanics of that game. the fact you have to keep up a social life.. from what I understand and then the ordinariness of the game worlds on top of each other are the third best idea I have ever had.. just through in a rest mechanic like in persona and it would be complete. the fact that there are high school clubs that give you abilities and paying attention in class to help you gte abilitie sto bend game rules is also awesome. It's all great besides two things. the game social mechanic would be better in qa game like persona{that would epic]} and the fact tat you have to play a psycho killer. ow on't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this at all moraly but the whole thing becomes unappealing at that point. I was so close to figuring out if I wanted to play it but I decided againsst it.... to bad to...

I just want a game where you have to 1. save the world and 2... have a social life as well.. 3.. have some dating options... and maybe a sub plot or two if they don't have the game to over crowded with stuff by then.... It's a shame that the only other game Iknow like this has only one of these things right.. persona 3.

so the question stands. has there ever been this game where you just had to play it but one thing spoiled evewn buying the thing.

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