9/11 truthers "are crazy"
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14-08-2011, 12:00 PM
9/11 truthers "are crazy"
I'm new to this forum and this is my first post, I'd like to say hello etc.
(I know some of you will start to judge me straight of from this topic post)

***this is not a illumanti 2012 dec post***

the thing that I do not understand is how so many logically thinking people can abandon that logical thinking when it comes to certain situations. It is like they still hold personal belief over certain topics or situations even if evidence is slapping them in the face.

I am talking about the event of 9/11. I was only around 10 years old when I first heard that America got attacked by "Muslim Extremists" via planes hitting the WTC. Being so young I didn't really understand what exactly was going on, but it still fascinated me ever since and "myths" behind it. This is probably were I got my logical thinking from, which of course led to me to disband my faith in a deity.

9/11 facts and myths, and they have been debunked and rebuked over and over again, but there is still evidence that sticks out, that makes 9/11 to be more than what official reports say.

Explain Logic:

A passport “Satam Al Suqami“ (used as evidence) was found in the rubble of the WTC, which they say fell from the plane as it crashed into the building...

Flight 93, crashed into the ground its passengers overcame the hijackers that were armed with box cutters, (or “bomb”, according to the hollywood film). Yet the wreckage of plane seems to be non existent. “http://911review.com/errors/phantom/imgs/crater1.jpg” compared to an actual plane crash “http://accident-pictures.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/plane-crash-pictures/plane-crash-20.jpg”

Explain Coincidences:

- Terrorism Exercises:

“National Reconnaissance Office drill”
Aside from military exercises, a National Reconnaissance Office drill was being conducted on September 11, 2001. In a simulated event, a small aircraft would crash into one of the towers of the agency's headquarters after experiencing a mechanical failure.

“7/7 2005 London Bombings”
Government Officially reported that “train bombing exercises” were taking place on the exact same date as the events actually happened. As well as saying an Injury into the bombings were unnecessary.

October 2000:
“Operation/Pentgon Macel”
The Pentagon Mass Casualty project (codenamed Pentagon Mascal) was a contingency exercise that was held in the Office of the Secretary of Defense conference room between October 24 and October 26, 2000. The exercise required emergency response teams, members of the defence protective services, and U.S. government officials to conduct emergency simulations in preparation for a possible plane crash into The Pentagon.

July 2001:
Larry Silverstein updated his Insurance on the WTC building, making sure that the buildings were covered for terrorism and that he would be able to rebuild them if such an event would occur.


This of course are just some of the questions that spring to mind when your talking about 9/11. Some may be able to be debunked, but in my honest opinion some of the claims in the official report that justified the war for the middle east, and the attack against muslim people are simply ludicrous.

If you are a skeptical person, you may have read this and thought, that my facts are incomplete, or false, and that you are able to debunk them, I would be gladly accept my arguments to be debunk as truth overcomes all, but because you are a skeptical person I suggest before you common you watch the David Ray Griffen Speech – debunking 9/11 debunking, as he makes great claims using science and evidence.

Link to the Video:
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14-08-2011, 03:44 PM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
I'm pretty sure the planes were hijacked by Muslim extremists and flown into those buildings.

As far as military exercises, let me promise you that the military exercises, all of the time, for the strangest things.

On the base I currently live on, we did everything from land invasion from N. Korea to biological warfare attack, each as unlikely as the next.

The military has a contingency plan for everything, including terrorism, so it's not unlikely they would have drills for such an act.

They didn't find much plane wreckage because it crashed into the building, and burned super super hot, pretty much melting everything. I find it unlikely they recovered a passport from a terrorist. If they did recover a passport, it probably was from one of the employees, not one of the people who flew the planes into the building.

I'm quite sure that there is more to 9/11 then what they told us, but I don't think it was the US or the US military attacking the towers. We might have been aware to some degree of terrorists plans to attack the US... but we are threatened every day, so it probably just fell in with all of the other threats... investigated but not taken seriously.

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14-08-2011, 04:48 PM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
This is my take on it, which is more likely the world's most powerful government wanted to start a war for oil or religious extremist wanted to kill the infidels.

Well, I have to say both are likely. I will also say that I do find it very annoying that evidence was lacking in a lot of various fields.

Simply put, If I find out it really was the government or that solid evidence was due to religious extremist I wouldn't be surprised either way.

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31-08-2011, 03:23 PM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
Jet fuel doesnt burn hot enough to melt a steel structure that was built to withstand more than one plane hitting it.

They would assume that if the buildings structure failed, with one floor collapsing and "pancakeing" on top of the others.....as it free falls.....they can then work out its free fall speed.....however the way the building fell was much quicker than how it would fall under the circumstances.

What is dodgy is they were running a drill of the same thing happening.......some could say it was coincidence.......then when you look at 7/7 (uk bombings) they were running a drill of the same thing happening on that day.......twice is simply more than a coincidence to me.

Logically they should be easy explanations........but there isnt.

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31-08-2011, 03:54 PM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
9/11 "truthers" who think that the US government was responsible for this aren't crazy, they're a bunch of total idiots.

I work in New York City. I was not there that day but I know a lot of people who were. My brother-in-law watched the 2nd plane fly into the tower from the Ferry Landing. He didn't see it on TV, he saw it right in front of him. So did about a million other people. The idea that all those people are in on some "conspiracy" where they claim to see a commercial airliner hit a building but it didn't happen - and all keep quiet about it for 10 years - is just pure idiocy.

And, I love the "explanations" for this. My favorite is the "steel won't melt" argument. It doesn't have to melt, it just has to weaken enough for the weight of the building to break the supports. Melting is not required. The buildings were designed to collapse as they did under extreme duress so they did not topple (which would have been far, far worse).

Another personal favorite is the "Larry Silverstein just updated the insurance prior to the attacks" theory. I'll get back in a second to why this is just factually wrong but let's think about this for a minute. Let's say your the government of the US and your planning to create a pretense for war by blowing up the twin towers and killing thousands of people. At what point do you stop and notify the building manager to make sure his insurance is updated so he can be paid off too? And, do you just hope he doesn't tell anyone after that? How about after he finds out you screwed him and didn't tell him the two buildings would crumble within roughly an hour of each other so his brand new insurance policy counts this as only 1 event and the carrier refused to pay him off on the 2nd building and he spends the next 6 years of his life in court trying to get a fraction of the money he feels he is owed. Do you think at some point maybe he would get a little ticked off and tell everyone that the government warned him to update that coverage and then screwed him on the execution? Is it likely he would maybe be a little bitter about that and spill the beans? I would certainly think so. As for the facts of this, he did not "update" his policy. He first took it out because he took over the management of the building in July of 2001. So, there was no "updating of his policy". There was the simple issuance of a policy.

The idea that a government would launch a mass conspiracy on its citizens like this is "equally likely" to it being a terrorist attack is just absurd.

Sorry if I offended anyone but this stuff really pisses me off. I know people who were there. I knew people who died that day. I sat with my sister and waited for a few hours to find out if she was a widow and if my nieces had no father. So, when I see moronic arguments that have been debunked time and time again and still get perpetuated by morons, I tend to get a little pissed.

And, to answer the inevitable question: do I think we have been told the whole, unvarnished truth of what happened that day? Do I think there has been a full accounting of the multiple failures by the Bush administration and various agencies and military? Absolutely not. I have no doubt there are some "truths" that have never been told, and probably never will be. But, thanks to a bunch of idiots who create these fantasy world conspiracies, it is now impossible to even have a reasonable national conversation about what went on because any time you mention the 9/11 "truth" you automatically get lumped in with the asshats who claim it was inside job. Perhaps at some point we will move past that and we can actually find some of the missing details, but as long as we have this stupidity the government is going to continue to have a great reason to ignore any cries for an honest inquiry and accounting of what happened.

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31-08-2011, 06:17 PM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
WTC was attacked by extremists; live with it.

This is almost as ill-conceived as the conspiracy that all of the Jews in the building were warned in advance of the attack, or that it was on the Sabbath; neither, of course being true. 9/11 conspiracy-types tend to live in the Middle-East and also in the U.S.... I'm assuming this has something to do with the same reason these regions of earth are so religious; after all if you're willing to be completely credulous it's easy to blame America for being attacked by terrorists from Saudi Arabia.
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01-09-2011, 05:58 AM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
First of all, cheers for grouping me into the same category as... “I've been abducted by aliens, we never landed on the moon, and others illogical assumptions”.

I think that your personal opinion, in wanting so quickly to add this 9/11 event into another explanation of why religion is horrible and should be abolished. That you refuse to look at evidence because you have faith that your country/government or media would not betray its own people, or lie straight up.

Even though, countless times throughout history we have seen its very own lies exposed. Terrorism is not a thing to fear, this racist “Islamic Fundamentalists” hatred that we have seem to have drilled into us is nothing more than an illusion. More people die yearly from peanuts than terrorism, are you going to start to fear peanuts? However, I am not saying that Fundamentalism does not exist, but the haze of Islamic Fundamentalists is nothing more of a treat than any type of fundamentalism, weather it be religious, political, or Charles Mansion like.

Some of you think I am attacking you personally, as if your the blame for what happened on 9/11 or that Americans are to be blamed, this is not an attack on American people, this is attack on the answers that has been presented to us as proof. I just thought that this site might be more sceptical, I have probably researched 9/11 events more than some of use ever have, as you just, don't care, accept it, or just don't believe it and don't need to look into further, and that fine, but however I am not an idiot for examining what does not make any sense.

I am among millions, many being scientists, teachers, builders, architects, government officials, fire-fighters and others, who know for a fact that the 9/11 events don't make sense the way the government has said they have.

9/11 Geroee Washington Bridge Bombs – 2 – 4 Israeli's arrested aired only twice on News.

Hijackers Evidence?

Plane Impact spreads the jet fuel and would been used up in the immediate impact explosion. People standing at the impact hole, shows that the fire was not that hot. (have you stood in a furance)

World Trade Center, was build to within stand, mutliply plane crashes, after the Empire Estate Building accident.

Buildings 1 & 2 first steel buildings in history to fall from fire. Building 7 also fell by fire damage, but was not hit by a plane. (However buildings 3/4/5 still stood and were close to the impact.)

Building 7 was imploded on 9/11. “Smoking Gun”

Controlled Demolitions cannot be planned and executed in a day.

WTC building 1 & 2, defy s natural fire collapsing physics.

9/11 was the biggest terroist attack on america in american history, however the gorvenment refused to invesigate what happened on 9/11. It wasn't until the Victims Families, got together that we have the 9/11 Comission Report.

NIST went against its FEMA scientists, when posting the information in the 9/11 comission report. As have of the evidence that FEMA talked about, is excluded from the report.

WTC Building 1 & 2 turns into like 60 – 70% dust from fire collapsing.

The government already had over 50 dump trucks on standby.

CNN Reporter changes his story on the pentagon, orginal only aired once.

Termite was found in the 9/11 WTC dust. From Building 7?

Termite burns at 2500 degrees, yet it have a tough time to weaken, and melt the steel.

Osama Bin Laden has never been wanted for the 9/11 sept attacks, as the FBI says there is no evidence actually linking him.

CIA created and funded the Taliban.

Bin Laden purpose was funded by the government. (CIA Tactician)

US backed Saddam Hussain during the Iraq-Iran War, sold him your “weapons of mass destruction”

State-Sponsored Terrorism.

Dick Cheney 1998 Afgan Pipeline Plans

Dick Cheney tell American people to go f**k themselves.

Osama Bin Laden was captured, killed and dumped into the ocean in 2011, you buy this story without any evidence.

Fair enough though, you can still call me crazy.
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01-09-2011, 07:10 AM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
I didn't call you crazy. I called you a total idiot. The previous post only reinforces my opinion.

Shackle their minds when they're bent on the cross
When ignorance reigns, life is lost
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01-09-2011, 07:16 AM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
No... your the Idiot.

Fact 5 alone, destorys your faith in what you claim is truth.[/align]
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01-09-2011, 07:27 AM
RE: 9/11 truthers "are crazy"
Right. The US government blew up WTC7. No one saw anything, no witness has ever come forward to validate this. Millions of people watched the whole event live but youtube has solved the problem.

And they blew this building up why exactly? Because if WTC7 didn't come down the pretense for war wasn't enough? The fear was that people would get over the collapse of the two towers by 5 pm that night and just forget about the whole thing and what we really needed was a much smaller building to come down 7 or so hours later to really sell the war? I guess they should have taken down a 4th building because 9/11 was never the reason we went to war in Iraq, it was the reason we went to war in Afghanistan. You remember Afghanistan don't you? the giant waste land with no oil?

I'm not sure where you are from but your schools have really failed you when it comes to the ability to think critically.

Shackle their minds when they're bent on the cross
When ignorance reigns, life is lost
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