9,146 gun homicides in US. 16,885 killed by drunk drivers.
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30-12-2012, 05:41 PM
RE: 9,146 gun homicides in US. 16,885 killed by drunk drivers.
(30-12-2012 05:31 PM)TheBeardedDude Wrote:  
(30-12-2012 05:25 PM)germanyt Wrote:  Which one? The one about getting rid of speed limits? That's ridiculous. But banning guns would be more akin to making it illegal to build a car that goes over 70 MPH or whatever the speed limit is where you live. Can't stop people from speeding, ban cars that speed. Can't stop people from shooting, ban weapons that shoot. Fact is that there are people who do legally drive their cars to the limit. They take them to a track or somewhere like Salt Flats. Just like there are people who responsibly use guns. All kinds of guns. Banning them won't get rid of the problem because we already have 300 million of them and even if we didn't there is no direct proof that a ban would reduce shootings. Especially since we do know that criminals don't follow the law to begin with. Hence the term criminal. Even if it did prevent criminals from shooting there is no evidence to suggest that they wouldn't just use a baseball bat, knife, or gasoline/fire to do the deed. Someone in China recently went into a school and stabbed like 30 kids before he was stopped.

On top of all of that we have a Constitutional right to own and possess firearms. Not because people hunt and not because crazy people shoot at crowds. But because an armed populace is the best weapon against a tyrannical government. Our founding fathers were aware of this and it still holds true today.

I never said ban guns. Where did I suggest that? We need better laws, not just the same ones we have. Your entire first reply on cars and speed limits is both a non sequitur and a straw man.
You mentioned something about not being able to stop speeders so should we get rid of speeding laws.

What laws could have possibly been enacted prior to December that would have stopped Adam Lanza from shooting 27 people? He acquired the guns illegally, brought them on school property illegally. He clearly wasn't concerned with the law. If his mom only had 1 pistol instead of all the guns she had he could still have stolen it, shot her, and reloaded it as many times as necessary to shoot 27 people. If guns were banned altogether and none were available to him then prove he wouldn't have just set the building on fire.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.”

-Mark Twain
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RE: 9,146 gun homicides in US. 16,885 killed by drunk drivers. - germanyt - 30-12-2012 05:41 PM

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