9,146 gun homicides in US. 16,885 killed by drunk drivers.
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13-01-2013, 05:03 AM
RE: 9,146 gun homicides in US. 16,885 killed by drunk drivers.
(13-01-2013 04:51 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  
Quote: They all have the attitude that they are better than everyone that works for a living.

I wasn't aware you personally knew the thought process of every single rich person on the face of the earth.

You wanna know why I think I am better then you Birdman?
Because I don't sit in the same shit job for 12+ years knowing it's a shit job and doing nothing about it but bitch and moan, blaming every one else for your situation apart from yourself.
Don't like it, get off your ass and do something about it. But don't sit there doing nothing but having a bitch about this that and the other and expect people to change things for you.

The same thing applies to everyone else. I have been trying to leave this stinking job for a while now. If someone's life sucks so much that they need to drink huge amounts of alcohol, who am I to stop them from killing themselves. My anger comes from the fact that I have never broken the law, except for a minor driving violation over a decade ago. These people that I hate so much are almost never not in violation of at least one law and there is never a consequence for their actions. When they do finally have it catch them in the ass, it needs to be used as an example for others. I don't habitually break the laws. I don't drive drunk. I don't go around killing innocent people because getting drunk and driving home is more important than everyone else on the road. My anger is justified. You act as if I have no reason to be angry.
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