A Christian Argument Against Proselytizing
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02-05-2017, 02:51 PM
RE: A Christian Argument Against Proselytizing
(02-05-2017 02:41 PM)mordant Wrote:  Well if you're advocating conversion by force -- whether by the sword, or by legal / social duress -- I'd imagine that in societies with insufficient separation between state and religious institutions and the weakest protections for freedom of speech and freedom of association and conscience, sure, you'd get the highest numbers of professing followers, though I'd argue you would have their minds, not their hearts.

In open / progressive societies with substantial freedom of speech and conscience, though, you are forced to persuade people respectfully and actually convince them of the tenets of your faith. I know that's a lot more work, and probably too much to ask.

I don't think there's many forms of Christian evangelism by sword today, and in fact I'd doubt the effectiveness of such approach. China's another point of reference, take the spread of Christianity in China, which is hardly the result of the sword, in fact it often spread in opposition to the sword of the state, but rather by evangelism of something appealing, that speaks to individuals at a level, that they're willing to take considerable risk to partake in it.

"Tell me, muse, of the storyteller who has been thrust to the edge of the world, both an infant and an ancient, and through him reveal everyman." ---Homer the aged poet.

"In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."
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02-05-2017, 02:55 PM
RE: A Christian Argument Against Proselytizing
(02-05-2017 09:08 AM)mordant Wrote:  The TL;DR version is that the Great Command (love one another and/or the golden rule) trumps the Great Commission, and that the best way to win people to the faith is to love them unconditionally. Also, you're being a dick by trying to drive the topic of conversation, because that makes it all about you and your agenda. This is actually simple common courtesy / common sense and doesn't even require a religious dogma for backing.

Yep, simple common courtesy goes a long way as opposed to a belligerent person spouting their beliefs like they have some special insight from on high.

The nutjobs we get on this forum actually make me want to dig in my heels and debunk their bellicose nonsense and they have their nonsense on full display on this forum. I'm willing to bet most of these proselytizers drive people away with their horrible attitude.

It sure isn't "loving" or "Christ like."

Gods derive their power from post-hoc rationalizations. -The Inquisition

Using the supernatural to explain events in your life is a failure of the intellect to comprehend the world around you. -The Inquisition
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