A Day in the Life
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17-10-2013, 07:25 PM
A Day in the Life
I'm sitting by the screen with today's meal of a can of vegetable soup augmented with a can of carrots, few potatoes I found downstairs, and a lot of salt to make it taste like something, while feeling isolated as usual. The cold is coming -- this will be my second winter here -- and I still need to be able to get four sheets of drywall to finish covering the walls in my bedroom. "I'll help you bring the drywall back, surely I'll help you out" is what I hear, what I see is a string of excuses. I'm hoping that the kerosene heater will be enough to allow the joint compound to cure properly; I need the walls up, taped, floated, and primed to be able to install casings for the doors and windows and install baseboards, which will allow me to install the electric baseboard heating unit, all before it gets bone-chillingly cold. I remember last winter: a kerosene heater, five blankets, seven cats, and me, trying to keep warm. I don't know how I survived; I surely don't want to go through that again.

I don't know, I suppose that it's not all bad. The bedroom has my signature all over it, as I hope the rest of the house will. There are touches like three doors to the bedroom (yes, three: one between the bedroom and the future library, one between the bedroom and the future bathroom -- which will, itself, have two doors, and one between the bedroom and the future walk-in closet), making mouldings from dimension lumber (all it takes is a router and a little ingenuity), and a planned sky-and-clouds paint job. The painting will have to wait until spring; what I need now is warmth.

I just don't want to go stir-crazy in that 9'x10' room. There is a small laptop somewhere around here, but it would be nice to have someone to talk to. A little cuddling with the right lady wouldn't be bad, either. I would not, however, have anyone here. I can live in this bombed-out shell, but I wouldn't subject anyone else to it. Besides, I don't know of anyone who would want to be around me. It's been nearly two years since the Slimy Bastards have said a word to me, and the last I heard from any other "family" was a letter from a cousin-in-law, villifying me for honoring the Slimy Bastards' stated wish to have nothing to do with me. Can I expect more from anyone else?

Oh, well. I suppose that I should go back to trying to make some sense of the piles of Stuff™ in the bedroom, future library, and future study. My thanks to those who read this through.

"I like theories you can test."
-- Sheldon Glashow

When in doubt, eat chocolate.
If doubt persists, have a hot fudge sundae.
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