A Deconstruction of the Moral Argument
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14-05-2014, 01:43 PM
RE: A Deconstruction of the Moral Argument
(13-05-2014 03:56 PM)Leo Wrote:  Hey walker , in the atheist forums.com site you claim only Christians go to heaven and all nonchristians will go to hell not matter how good they are. Jews holocaust victims would go to hell because they don't believe in Jebus. You want to elaborate more of this bullshit matter? Drinking Beverage

oooooh Walker is this true? Can I talk about hell with you for a moment oh misinformed one?

The hell you are talking about doesn't even exist in that capacity under Christian doctrine. hell is allegedly a place devoid of god, thus devoid of good, no fire, no pitchforks, no little demons running around, no eternity in pain...get some education you ignorant, misinformed delusional believer. Because I pity you, I will educate you on your own faith.

Source is Reason, Faith and Tradition by Martin C. Albl, Chapter 7 page 188 – describing hell.

"We begin with a reminder of limitations of our language. Since hell, according to Christian doctrine, is a supernatural reality, it can only be described in analogies. Holy Scripture teaches us the essence of hell in images. When it speaks of the fire of hell, it is not to be understood in a grossly realistic sense. The images of fire and pain were ways of expressing the essential Christian understanding of hell – that it is a separation from God. We may define heaven as simply being with God, and hell, and contrast, is simply being without God. It is thus an existence without goodness and without meaning."

So save your made up twisted image of hell for someone a bit less educated on theology than I. Funny how an Atheist knows more than you about your own faith isn't it? I know the abrahamic myth inside and out, and that is WHY I am an atheist.

That sound you just heard was me schooling you yet again on your own faith Mr Walker.

"Belief is so often the death of reason" - Qyburn, Game of Thrones

"The Christian community continues to exist because the conclusions of the critical study of the Bible are largely withheld from them." -Hans Conzelmann (1915-1989)
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14-05-2014, 05:49 PM
RE: A Deconstruction of the Moral Argument
Hey walker , why you don't answer my post from yesterday ? Can you elaborate about your ideas of hell ? All nonchristians not matter how good they are will go to hell ? Why ? The Jews holocaust victims will go to hell because they don't believe in Jebus ? I want a reasonable logic answer. Good luck with that.Smartass
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