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A Horrible "Debate"
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03-01-2013, 11:47 AM
RE: A Horrible "Debate"
Wow, assuming your smiley... I know you don't want to argue, but that Deese fool is putting YOU down. Saying you have holes in your non-belief. This insanity of this statement can not be understated.

You need to put Deese and whoever else in their place.
They say the Koran is messed up because it says to kill infedels.
Well the bible isn't fucked up too!?

Read Deuteronomy 22:12-21
Says if someone marries a woman and finds her to be a non-virgin, then he is to stone her to death.

Exodus 21
Says that people can OWN other people, and that they can beat them to near death without punishment.

YOU NEED to give them these verses. What they do is cherry pick the verses that are actually moral and ignore the ones that are complete bullshit. The same can be done with the Koran.

OR we could just use our own head to figure out what is good and bad,
the ten commandments are joke, why?
Because the uncivilized maniacs that wrote them actually had to have them written down.
It's pretty much common sense not to kill people, derrr.
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