A Letter From My Theist Professor Mother
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22-11-2012, 07:43 AM
RE: A Letter From My Theist Professor Mother
Its funny that you ask the question: "Why" then you completely gloss over the more reasonable explanation: Because the whole thing is made up. Theists use the "We can never know" excuse to try and justify the atrocities that god committed.
(21-11-2012 04:33 PM)kingschosen Wrote:  Okay, addressing commandments:

What you said was from Jesus. That wasn't from the 10 Commandments. Jesus consolidated these into two.

You mom was right about OT events paving the way for Christ. All the brutality and murder was a cleansing of the land to ensure the purity of the Messianic line. Like I've mentioned before, these actions are "good" in accordance that they serve a purpose; not that they are moral by human standards.

As for rape: Moses commanded rape. You never see God commanding rape. He does give instructions for those that do rape or have been raped. Men are also commanded to take the women "that they burn for" as wives - meaning they have to care for them. Even if men give these forced wives their freedom, God commanded them to not enslave them; however, it gives the women a crappy deal because now they have to fend for themselves and are now defiled.

As for what I just mentioned: yeah, that's a crappy, crappy deal, but it's a better deal than slavery or death. God commands of that time also followed society. In society, women weren't very highly regarded. In any other group, those women would either be killed or enslaved once the man decided to not want them anymore as a wife. This wasn't the case with what God commanded - He commanded a level of mercy.

Now, as for Jesus... Jesus came along and changed things. The law was the foundation of His teachings, so the law had merit; however, Jesus ushered in a new era since the Messianic line was no longer in need of preservation.

His teachings were about the love and grace of God and how it was all types of people. The Pharisees hated this because they had their livelihood and popularity because of the law and because of the Jews. Any opposition to this was considered a threat.

Jesus was fulfilling God's plan of love for His people... now, in order to reach that love there had to be all kinds of other collateral damage because of sin.

There is a stark difference between the OT and NT portrayal of God because of how God's plan was enacted. God didn't change; He simply used different ways to have His plan come to fruition.

The question for this, though, is "Why?"

I don't know if I can answer that. Maybe it was because God wanted others to know the power of Him and His people... and then know the power of His love. Or, it could be simply because of "because". Or, it could be something that I could never comprehend because His plan is still coming into fruition and I'll never see the end of it. Don't know.

Hope this makes some semblance of sense.
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22-11-2012, 08:08 AM
RE: A Letter From My Theist Professor Mother
I just want to point out that when she says that God CAN'T or HASN'T exist(ed) in time, she is completely and utterly forgetting about Jesus, who existed in time. If God doesn't know what existence in time is like, then did he completely forget about his experiences while he was Jebus?

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Credit goes to UndercoverAtheist.
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