A More Reasonable Christian Theology
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15-10-2011, 10:40 PM
A More Reasonable Christian Theology
The biggest problem for christianity (Apart from the absolutely no evidence thing) is the Problem of Evil. I've said many times, that the god of the bible cannot exist, because he is self-contradictory. I've also said that, while I don't think it's at all likely, a god similar to the one in the bible could exist. So, for chuckles, here's a new mythology that more appropriately explains the problems in Christianity.

You see, Yahweh is actually a good guy, who really does mean well. But in this version, he's not all-powerful. He's about equally powerful with Satan, who's basically like the god depicted in the bible (That is to say, absolutely evil). So, Yahweh and Satan are constantly trying to out do each other. For this reason, the bible is corrupt, and essentially portrays Yahweh as just as nasty as Satan is. This causes blind followers to do Satans evil handiwork, and has the side benefit of turning all of the decent folk away from Yahweh, convinced that he is a total monster.

At some point in the history of man, however, Satan and Yahweh made a deal. No direct intervention anymore. Any breach of the deal would allow the other to gain some advantage, a spiritual pound of flesh, or perhaps their own chance to work their magic upon the world. And this is why we don't see miracles today, as they are generally only performed as desperation tactics.

And, ultimately, we still have the mystery of hell. You see, Satan used to just go around and grab random people, to drag them to hell to torture. God attempted to settle a deal with Satan, to stop doing it. He got Satan down to only taking wicked people, and only when they died. But Satan, being a clever sort of deity, managed to word the deal such that ALL humans were judged wicked.

So, Yahweh knew he needed a solution. Not being an idiot himself, he found a loophole out of Satan's loophole. By incarnating himself into human form, and doing the whole Jesus thing, he'd be able to create an escape clause from Hell. Of course, this required believing in Jesus, so Satan realized he needed to put some effort into hiding the truth of Yahweh's existence, so people wouldn't be able to take the escape clause. So Yahweh finds himself in a situation like Dr. Arroway from Contact. In possession of some great truth, but with absolutely no evidence. And thus, the neccesity of Faith was born.

Yahweh is a deity that collapses under the weight of his own omnipotence. By removing just that, the whole mythology makes so much more sense. There's still no evidence, but it's a lot easier to get someone to de-convert by showing them contradictions, than pointing out the lack of logic. I can't know for an absolute fact that no gods exist, but I can know for a fact that Yahweh, of the Bible, doesn't.

At any rate, just thought it'd be fun to figure out how to save Yahweh as a good and loving god, while not deviating too much from the core tenants of the religion.
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17-10-2011, 11:38 PM
RE: A More Reasonable Christian Theology
YHWH is fine and dandy. I work for YHWH as an atheist, did I mention that bit? Tongue

I was once gonna be reasonable about Christian theology - but "Christian" is a totally unreasonable word. Problems that are nearly universal in Christianity - zero understanding of YHWH (which pretty much kills the whole religion) - seemingly "necessary" belief in hell (joyously talking about crap like rapture and revelation is insanity) - idolatry of Bible (which according to some Christian websites I've seen makes theirs the "true faith" and any supposed Christian tolerance expressed in life nothing but a lie) - necessary compulsion to "save souls and preach gospel" (Gospel is well and truly spread - example of Moses from Exodus exposes fallacy of "saving souls") - lack of actual faith plus excess of self-righteousness - all that and more make the pair "reasonable Christian" an oxymoron.

That's just me. You're thinking, this is thinking atheist forum - so you're good. Tongue

living word
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