A Non Scotsman who is Mad at God! Dumbest argument EVER!
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14-11-2012, 10:39 AM (This post was last modified: 14-11-2012 10:42 AM by Denicio.)
Question A Non Scotsman who is Mad at God! Dumbest argument EVER!
A Non Scotsman who is Mad at God!
How do you guys combat the insanity of these arguments?

I have a dear friend that is entrenched in the faith (drank
the PITCHER of Kool Aid)

Ever so often he and I will get into religious debates via
email. He is not the typical Christian that gets mad, feelings hurt or starts
threatening…as I said , we are lifelong friends and can handle a hearty debate.

Over and over he hits on two themes:

1. Not a True Scotsman
2. Mad at God

Here is a snippet from our last email discussion

“Let me reassure you: you were not a "true
Scotsman." I will keep bringing this up as long as we're friends.

I am one, as is my brother, and many other friends in my sphere of Christian
influence. Salvation is not something you can just throw away and
ignore. You know when He has you, and I'm not talking about
"doing" things that Christians are apparently supposed to do (no
matter how much zeal you indeed had).

He argues that folks like Seth, Dan Barker, Jerry Dewitt,
Dan Dennett, myself and countless others were fooling themselves all along and that
ONCE you get Jesus in your heart CORRECTLY..that there is no way to cast him
aside. So he believes we were living in a life of self delusion.

The second thing he brings up is downright comical..and
since his initial claim that I am simply ‘Mad at god’ I continue to ask WHY on
earth is he holding anger and bitterness for Zeus, Odin, Xenu and countless
other gods. His argument fails when
presented with this type of rebuttal. I persistently ask him why he is mad at
these gods? I think he gets my point.

How often do you guys run into these same arguments and how
do you combat them?

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