A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell. Anyone ever read it?
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30-01-2012, 10:30 AM
RE: A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell. Anyone ever read it?
(29-01-2012 01:19 AM)TheSixthGlass Wrote:  I've browsed through his "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" and also read it's rebuttal on infidels.org - http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/j...wder/jury/ but unless someone recommends it to me or challenges me with it I don't think I'll be reading any of his books, as it appears to be the same old tripe. That might be intellectually unfair but, meh.

As for Lee Strobel - I've read The Case for Christ and while at the time it gave me pause (as I was struggling to make my way out of / into Christian faith) it's a lot of the same old crap too. Someone close to me still owes me a book from that exchange...

This is sadly uncommon, for people to read or research opposing views. I read whatever books my theist parents give for me to read, and they don't even bother to ask for my rebuttals (or fairly ask for atheist books in return). I read Evidence that Demands a Verdict years ago when I was a Christian, and it impressed me then. It's less impressive now that I understand what constitutes "evidence".

Kudos to you for your research and insight. Keep up the great work.

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