A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
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03-10-2013, 08:31 PM
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
I wouldn't mind going on living forever under the right circumstances, but to re-live everything forever, conscious of the fact or otherwise, I would prefer to just have it end. Sure it 'feels' new again, but there is no room for variation, no room for change, and that I would not wish for.

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04-10-2013, 10:41 PM
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
(03-10-2013 03:00 AM)Dark Light Wrote:  It isn't that my life is bad. As far as life's go, I got a good one. It'd be nice to have enough money to do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it. It'd be nice to be an inch or two taller. In other words, my life isn't perfect, but I still have a pretty good one. The problem with it is the inability to escape the cycle. It's an immortal jail cell from which you cannot escape. You cannot do something original. It's the same reason why people don't like the idea of predestination, except this example is more in your face, and you're doomed to repeat it....forever. That's scary to me. No control whatsoever, not even the ability to say 'enough is enough, I'm out'.

The notion of an afterlife isn't necessary for the terror you are describing. The predestination/determinism that you referred to is sufficient for that purpose. In a completely determined world even your action of suicide in an attempt to escape that determined world would itself have been predetermined. Similarly your "decision" to not commit suicide would have also been predetermined. Also your complaint and my response to your complaint would also be predetermined.

In Groundhog Day the protaganist is caught in a type of cycle but he has (some sort of apparent) free-will so it isn't really as bad as it could be (and it makes for an interesting plot). Also the protagonist in the Ground Hog Universe had full cognizance of the repetition and that gave him a form of bounded/quasi-omniscience which he was able to exploit. Based on these elements I think there is a hierarchy of terror, from worst to least worst it would be:

1. Determinism; repetition; knowledge of repetition
2. Determinism; repetition; ignorance of repetition
3. Free will; repetition; ignorance of repetition
4. Free will; repetition; knowledge of repetition (as per Groundhog Day)

2 and 3 really aren't that bad because even if we are caught in an endless cycle we don't know about it; every cycle begins anew and we are oblivious. 4 is actually good even if the cycle is daily as opposed to ~70 years. 4 turns you into a demi-god.

As the others have commented, if this is hell it's pretty good. My life isn't perfection either (I'm posting on here aren't I Wink) but I wouldn't have thought I could get my dick sucked and enjoy an occassional opiated bliss in hell.
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05-10-2013, 01:33 AM
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
Warning: I am pretty much inebriated on alcohol Ive made myself and the red squigleys are attacking me like the Pope after the besiegment of Byzantium . Maybe I am wrong, I am after-all I believe in predestination in a sense. I think the chemicals in our brains are responsible for our actions. I don't believe in free will. Maybe I don't give a fuck anymore. I was destined to type that and you, were destined to read it.

Also I am amazed that my cognitive abilities haven't completely collapsed at this point. I am way fucking drunk at this point. To err is to human, and I'm that if anything. Fuck the elephant competition. We could kill them all id we wanted.

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05-10-2013, 02:26 AM (This post was last modified: 05-10-2013 02:33 AM by absols.)
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
you are mayb predestined in objective positive sense, but not in the negative one
u can kill yourself anytime n you can take advantage of others psychologically and physically all that would b up to u, to assume the consequences and responsability

this is also why people like me so normal beings, that dont enjoy seeing others weaknesses, could b the opposite actually, need the positive truth to b true
bc see immediately how they wont handle that freedom in negative realms and the reality of those facts being really dependant on others negative means

this is why powers reached to b all source
the idea i guess from the beggining is to exploit that existence free ways left by positive truth, so we have two parallel existence till now, since even if we as humans are ruled by negative life, objective conception point a kind of two different existence sense kind of parallels, one superiority free life and else superiority free existence

now i guess you belong to who believe that one superiority will prevail at the end like now

others like me believe that else superiority is the truth so the fact of always that is getting to b objective in absolute terms, not only a fact or relative reality means

it proves how you must accept being less to get to see anything and to have a perspective on everything that allow you then to understand how your reality is free and any other reality and how freedom is the now happenings, how existence is true and truth is gonna become only existence objectivity
those notions im saying are not things, while they are saying everything without anything so it confirms things freedom as they are seen free

it is the whole issue of rights value, being right is a lot of responsability and true selves being sources of else
while thy are killed easily too

then getting back to them each time they need some real fuel to everything

while killing them back more again

u should know better, so you would mean your god glory with more credible arguments

the idea im saying could b summarized by two sentences

if superiority is up always recognized free, so what constitutions usually mean too by pointing the order of universal values and principles of rights above any other nature of law, that even the constitution must b below even to natural laws

so in general sense, if superiority is recognized up so it would b present free, since true superiority is meant so always free

then everything else would b free relative present about themselves, when superiority recognized would b of course the true present in absolute fact, as positive free reality mean or only positive mean or free mean, but it shows the freedom making the fact

like it is the choice, wether u want to profit from positive things being always there, so you are tasting really what you want
or you want to profit from yourself freedom that you got as a right without doing anything, so it is the male kind of type wills that also know what they want and mean and do their profits as superior creator of stuffs alone by decision they keep being present for
this is also why males are evil kind, their presence negativity is really persistent and insistent
showing how they are profiting from freedom they dont deserve, they end showing how far they hate else freedom and rights, they hate else in general, bc they are not true so they cant see superiority thinkings always else through different stuffs

we see it all determined now bc it is the starting end
where all freedom went wrong of course since not true freedom and got to willing to kill truth freedom and any true living right
so determined of being negative

but also where truth became a concept but very insisisting one, while nothing else when all things are killed and replaced by evil powers
so true freedom appear very little in truth

that is why the perspectives of now are confusing and dont reflect reality of all to become
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05-10-2013, 03:06 AM
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
The universe is broken so it appears hell-like on a cyclical repeat , god is working on a patch and the update of "earth" V.2.0 will be released at some infinite time in the future.

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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05-10-2013, 04:34 AM
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
no future is evil ends, so god evil life pretense of victory

it is clear now that freedom so reality will say, since truth so infinity clearly left negative ways free then from up a lot will act in those terms after right

the only free absolute way is by killing evil forcing the force and this will come soon as a starter

the other relative objective way is like mine, meaning all rights right so all freedom freely

so both ways are to truth and of at the end, u r the ones in sandwich locked of ur wills and pervert positive senses

while both ways will stay free since cant touch of anything alike same other then truth conceptions so all to objective existence rights

it is just mise en place of saying to right agents everything it knows

and then it is the end of u of course way down lets watch ur power then how u gonna get any and from what

people like me yea very funny
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05-10-2013, 10:27 PM
RE: A Terribly Terrifying 'What if?' Concerning the Afterlife
I don't find the idea so terrifying.

It would only be "hell" if you were aware of it, and even then, there would be the possibility to learn from it, try new things... Only once you'd exhausted every possibility would it become hellish (assuming it would be infinite), then you'd just be bored.

Boredom is hell... as long as you're learning and experiencing new things you will never get bored.

Tonight I spent some time doing a bit of casual astronomy. Sweeping the Milky Way with a pair of binoculars it occurred to me (as it has many times before) that I can never fully appreciate the true majesty of the night sky in my lifetime.

Christianity teaches that we all fall short of the glory of God... in truth, we all fall short of the glory of the universe. It dwarfs anything in our little, brief human lives. So assuming I could remember each past life in detail, I'd make it my mission to understand the universe in as much detail as I possibly could.

That should keep me busy for a few billion lifetimes at least.



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