"A Thief in the Night"
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28-08-2013, 02:38 AM
RE: "A Thief in the Night"
Yeah I remember being subjected to this during grade school when I was attending a christian academy. Jesus was going to come back and take away the adults and if he didnt then the russians were going to start a nuclear war. I grew up certain that I would not live to adulthood or at the very least I was going to be an orphan.

I tell you what - if they did this today the theme song would be:


Can you imagine the terror they could instill now if they remade that crap? CGI planes dropping out of the sky - CGI people burning in the wreckage and on the streets - dramatic music - the unbelievers suffering in bewilderment at the seemingly random terror raining down on them at every turn?

Maybe thats why they ask "why are you atheists so angry?" Well why the hell wouldn't we be? Bring a child up in a world where they are considered evil from birth - where the adults will evaporate any second leaving the kids to figure it out alone in a world ruled by Satan - where a God will torment millions of people for no good reason - where God gives you a instant to decide if you are going to go with him or stay on earth without knowing what your parents decided in the same instant - or your little sister. What if my parents decided to go and my sister didnt know what was going on and stayed because she thought my parents werent being raptured? I couldnt leave her there alone she was 4 years younger than me. My parents said that God would take care of her so I shouldnt worry - really?!? The same God who asked Abraham to kill his son? My reaction to all this was to say I didnt want to get raptured - didnt want to go to heaven - didnt want anything to do with god - as a CHILD I fought with my parents because I didnt believe their God was good or loving. Didnt think a God that would condemn Judas to a eternity in hell for a crime he was destined to perform was loving at all. Judas hung himself and it was not enough remorse for God even thougth it was destined to happen?!? What kind of chance did my sister really stand with a God like that in charge? Her soul might be saved but in the meantime she would have to withstand the horrors of hell just because she was scared and chose not to get raptured because she wanted to be with her parents? I argued that if that was the kind of God he was than I would rather burn in hell with Judas. A 10 year old child arguing this with his parents - what kind of lunacy is that? I cant imagine but my parents bought into it 100% and they were so angry with me for arguing. I never had kids but if I did you better believe I would never put a "God" above them - Religion is child abuse pure and simple. Angry? Damn right I am angry. First I was indoctrinated from birth into this bullshit next thing you know I actually make it to adulthood and religious nuts are flying planes into buildings while other religious nuts in the white house violate the one thing I was able to say about my country - that they never invaded a sovereign nation without being directly attacked first. Meanwhile everyone is praying their asses off like it actually does anything at all. Yup I am pissed. Those idiots handed me these tracts when I was a kid that showed exactly how I was going to burn in hell and it just made me hate the stupid church all the more. My parents, siblings and friends all in tears over my so-called arrogant behavior just because I refused to believe the BS they were handing out. Because I dared say it didnt make any sense. The preacher prayed for me openly in church during service because I had the audacity to ask him in private about some of this (and no he didnt have any answers other than to ask me to pray with him and when I cried because I was scared that he was reacting like this instead of answering my questions he took it as a sign I was fighting the devil and my simple talk with the preacher turned into the preacher trying to exercise the devil out of me) - the congregation pitied my parents and in the end the congregation shut me out from having contact with their kids and my mom said it would be better if I did not go to church anymore or talk to my friends. Believe me my parents continued to attend church - what kind of BS is that? They would rather side with a church than their own son? How do you do that? The thing that REALLY pisses me off is that I have 5 siblings and ALL of them believe this bullshit and think I am "lost" - we are all adults - how do you believe this crap as an adult? And they all brainwash their kids with this crap. Whatever - I usually dont post stuff like this but Im sick of biting my tongue so I am hitting the post button. Sorry if my post is crazy - I think a nerve got touched.

In summary - yeah I watched those movies when I was a kid and they were horrifying at the time. Thief in the night - the 70's version of terrorism - except it was the damn church feeding us this crap. Assholes.
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