A book for atheist militia atheist JFK VIP2RIP
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15-10-2012, 01:46 PM
A book for atheist militia atheist JFK VIP2RIP
Here is a real good book for atheist and humans in general title: “JFK VIP2RIP” can be acquired at Amazon-Kindle, Nook, Apple-iBookstore, and Lulu Bookstore. It is a memoir which means it is a true life story despite contrary conspiring reports he first takes off at an early age by a incredibly fantastic means of transportation to slay in Vatican City, Pope Pius the XII for secret mayhem and genocide of people in the U.S he returns to the states to catch and expose Mormons who are doing the same thing. Unbearable he defects to Russia to conspire with Russian Atheist who can no longer bear Kennedy pestering the world for nuclear Armageddon so he then targets the first U.S Catholic, President John F. Kennedy and assassinates him for genocide, and warmongering. Lee Oswald was part of the team to take off that night by leer jet to slay the Pope in Italy, but his plans were foiled. The assassin later stands with the Dallas Chief of Homicide out in the street with his rifle tuck in his arms the chief tells him we are not going to arrest you there was not enough blood to even suggest they were human! With that he cut loose the traffic to run over the president’s skull fragments still lying in the road. An atheist could never have hope for so much help. Download it read it. JFK VIP2RIP
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