A chat I had with a Muslim guy on Steam...
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06-07-2013, 03:09 AM
A chat I had with a Muslim guy on Steam...
I changed the names and cut off the very beginning since it was just about games but his made me just want to head but my keyboard...I am actually mates with the guy but dam, he comes out with some shit... Blink

Bob the Muslim: like this u only pay the postage
Baz: Ah ok
Bob the Muslim: no no
Bob the Muslim: i send the original game
Bob the Muslim: and they send me also
Baz: Ahh ok
Baz: You readty for Ramadan my friend?
Bob the Muslim: yeah man sure
Bob the Muslim: iam happy to meet all the friends that were so buys during the year
Baz: Three days is it?
Bob the Muslim: yep
Bob the Muslim: i will spend it here and my wife is in turkey then
Baz: You in Germany?
Bob the Muslim: yeah will visit my parents in italy after ramadan
Baz: Why is your wife in Turkey?
Bob the Muslim: holiday with her family
Bob the Muslim: she visits the family there
Bob the Muslim: hasnt been for many years
Baz: Ah ok
Bob the Muslim: but i gotta work
Bob the Muslim: our kindergarden is open so...
Baz: Hungry while being around needy children
Baz: Not a good mix
Bob the Muslim: no it is fine i love children and i got a purpose so i will do my best
Baz: lol Fair enough
Baz: So, did you read about Lee Rigby?
Bob the Muslim: no
Baz: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Lee_Rigby
Bob the Muslim: u know what
Baz: wHAT?
Baz: *What?
Bob the Muslim: in islam it is forbidden to kill a person like this
Bob the Muslim: self justice
Baz: lol
Bob the Muslim: its the problem that many muslims dont take it serious
Baz: In the Quran, it specifically says to kill an infidel like that, cutting the finger tips off etc
Bob the Muslim: they dont pray they dont do nothing good but they have violence and agression in mind
Bob the Muslim: its much more complicated
Bob the Muslim: the islamic laws are very difficult man
Bob the Muslim: believe me
Bob the Muslim: they can only be used in a full islamic nation
Baz: Not really, your holy book has a lot of horrific things in it, just like that.
Bob the Muslim: and a person can only be punished when there are many others who saw the crime
Bob the Muslim: did u read it in hole?
Baz: *whole
Bob the Muslim: many muslims dont understand the quran
Baz: But it says to take the world by force. No, not all of it but you have to laugh at the irony.
Bob the Muslim: but they interpret it like non muslims
Bob the Muslim: thats a big problem
Baz: There are a lot of Muslims that would say that you are interpretating it wrong etc
Bob the Muslim: yep and i met many that have no knowledge in islam but they behave so badly that even non believers say that this is not islamic
Bob the Muslim: its a problem all over the world
Bob the Muslim: the islam is not for killing people or anger
Bob the Muslim: believe me
Bob the Muslim: there are many bad groups in islam
Baz: There are no two ways to read a verse like that man. Not to mention your prophet raped a 9 year old girl which lets Muslims justifty raping little girls all accross the world.
Bob the Muslim: and in the quran it says that of over 70 groups more then 70 will go to hell because of theit missusing the islam
Bob the Muslim: hey man your sources are not right believe me
Bob the Muslim: i read the hole quran
Baz: *Whole
Bob the Muslim: and many of my freinds
Baz: Um
Bob the Muslim: and my brother reads it in arabic
Bob the Muslim: and its not in there what u say
Baz: How old was Aisha when she married Muhammad?
Bob the Muslim: she was like 9 years old
Bob the Muslim: and when she got adult he lived with her
Bob the Muslim: she lived with her father during her childhood
Baz: lmao
Bob the Muslim: ey man believe me many informations about islam are lies and are targeted to blame islam and muslims
Bob the Muslim: its because of the wars from the past 30 years
Baz: It's amazing that you are ok with an old man marrying a five year old
Bob the Muslim: the islam has to be a terrorist group and a religion of crime and death fo the people to justify war in irak afghanistan afrika and so on
Baz: 5-10, either of those ages are sick but you are compelled by your own book to see it as a good thing.
Bob the Muslim: believe me the media is fooling the people
Baz: It's not the media o.o
Bob the Muslim: u know my brother lives in qatar
Baz: How many Muslims called for a teacher to be beheaded because the children called a teddy bear Mohammed
Bob the Muslim: and he understands arabic and english very well he can give u internetsites which tell the truth
Baz: That's nice for him, it's the woman that get the shitty end of the stick
Baz: The truth about what?
Baz: Arabic or not, the Quran is filled with atrocities
Bob the Muslim: all these things u wrote me man i heared here also but in the quran they are not wirtten like that its way different man
Baz: http://www.thethinkingatheist.com/blog/5...n-in-Islam
Bob the Muslim: believe me the hole west world is anti islamic because of the media
Baz: Woman are treated appallingly in places like Suadi and Iran.
Bob the Muslim: i know and how much of islam is in their behaviour ?
Bob the Muslim: = none
Bob the Muslim: believe me
Bob the Muslim: and in africa
Baz: Muhammad commanded that those who leave Islam be put to death,
Bob the Muslim: the people say that this is islam but it isnt
Bob the Muslim: no man not at all
Bob the Muslim: no no no
Bob the Muslim: the first sentences in quran are
Bob the Muslim: there is no forcing in religion
Baz: Muhammad was anything but peaceful during his lifetime. He was a slave-owning, lying, thieving, raping, pillaging, extremely violent warlord who spread Islam by the sword, attacked innocent tribes with zero provocation, beheaded people with his own hand, raped a young woman immediately after he murdered her young husband and father, condoned wife-beating and even commanded it in his cult's dogma, and had sex with a nine year-old little girl named Aisha when he was in his 50s. Just to name a few "highlights" though there is plenty more. - See more at: http://www.thethinkingatheist.com/blog/5...6p6Vw.dpuf
Bob the Muslim: not for muslims not for non muslims
Baz: The phrase "Strike off the heads of Muslims, as well as their fingertips" from the beginning of this post appears in its original form as the Qur'an, Sura 8:12 - I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.
Baz: That bit, just like what those men did to Lee Rigby.
Baz: That is Allah speaking in that verse
Baz: So, is Allah wrong and those other muslim's wrong or are you...?
Bob the Muslim: believe me these verses are stickek in a hole sura and cant be taken out only this verse
Baz: What is stickek?
Baz: Is that a German word?
Bob the Muslim: together
Baz: look
Baz: What fucking context is it ok for that to be done man?
Baz: Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee, you are so brain washed by your religion that you are excusing blatant atrocity.
Bob the Muslim: u know what man be calm u know that these things are not in my mind and i know that these things are not like its written
Bob the Muslim: if u read the whole sura u know what the messag
Bob the Muslim: and i became muslim by my own nobody brainwashed me man
Bob the Muslim: i read the quran and there was no muslim around me
Baz: I am calm, the way you just disregard your moral compass is amazing though
Bob the Muslim: www.[removed].com
Bob the Muslim: teamspeak ip
Baz: I can't atm.
Bob the Muslim: okay then later maybe
Bob the Muslim: u know what ?
Baz: What?
Bob the Muslim: to kill a person muslim or not is forbidden in islam
Bob the Muslim: okay
Baz: Right, that is why the Quran says to kill no believers
Bob the Muslim: to have sex with a woman msulim or not without marriage and without acceptance of this woman is forbidden in islam
Baz: It's so contradictory...it's like it's made up or seomthing... Tongue
Baz: *something
Bob the Muslim: u know that what time it was right?
Bob the Muslim: it was the time during the holy wars in christianity
Bob the Muslim: and the muslims were slaughtered and raped and ....... of non christians
Bob the Muslim: right
Baz: Right, because a god wouldn't be able to know what is moral now, then and forever...it's not like he is a god or anything...oh wait...
Baz: Muslims killed a shit load of Jews too, they all killed each other.
Bob the Muslim: and these brutal things u read is about people who did rape muslims and kill innocent....
Bob the Muslim: u know that mohammed was the only "warlord" in this period who didnt kill women or children or people who arent soldiers
Bob the Muslim: that does also the non muslim history tell
Bob the Muslim: believe me many of your informations are totally wrong and written by people who have interrests in the war in middle east
Bob the Muslim: here in germany many scientist work with the quran "non muslims" and they know and say in documentaries, that many things nwhich are written
Bob the Muslim: oh man to write in english is very difficult
Bob the Muslim: lets have a talk whenever u have time man
Bob the Muslim: some day
Baz: Yes yes, it's all a big conspiricy against Islam
Bob the Muslim: if u believe or not
Baz: The big bully media made those guys fly the planes into the twin towers
Bob the Muslim: many of the western history is a big conspiracy theorie
Bob the Muslim: u know that on this plane were no arabics?
Bob the Muslim: the us media convinced
Baz: Do you know not all Muslims are arabic o.o
Bob the Muslim: and u know that the twin towers were build to hold of more then 5 boings?
Baz: Al Queda took responsibilty and loads of Muslims celebrated it
Baz: lmao
Baz: You really love this conspiricy shit don't you
Bob the Muslim: and u know that firemen found a substance which is known for braking steel
Bob the Muslim: really these things are no conspiracy theorie
Bob the Muslim: the firemen told it
Baz: Right and the queen was in on it and all that stuff
Bob the Muslim: the reporters told it
Baz: I heard the queen parachuted off of one just before it hit
Bob the Muslim: and many people who were working on the ground zero
Baz: And then china sent an invisible tank in
Bob the Muslim: oh man
Bob the Muslim: just google a bit more
Bob the Muslim: many americans know that this was an inside job
Bob the Muslim: i have an american friend in the army
Baz: Two big planes fly into a building, they collapse and you go on about substances to break steel
Bob the Muslim: he is a officer and has lots of people to take care of and he also knows
Bob the Muslim: that this was made to go into irak and get the oil
Baz: I could not give a fuck less if you do or not, your have to be a new kind of stupid to think that the twin towers were an inside job.
Bob the Muslim: read about the twin towers
Bob the Muslim: they were build to hold off many planes flying into believe me
Baz: That is amazing
Baz: Of course they were.
Bob the Muslim: and read the official interviews from the firedepartment
Bob the Muslim: its no theorie
Bob the Muslim: i gotta go man my wife needs me
Bob the Muslim: talk to u later man
Bob the Muslim: iam sry that u think so bad of islam man
Baz: Watch out for the reptile people.
Bob the Muslim: i thought like this all my life believe me
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06-07-2013, 12:09 PM
RE: A chat I had with a Muslim guy on Steam...
Quote:Bob the Muslim: there is no forcing in religion

I like this part because we can suppose that he use the taqiyya like this verse was aboged (Arabic : تقيّة) an Arabic word who can mean "religious dissimulation , piety , fear of allah etc..."

The Sunni say that they don't practise that but many of them practise that some Sunni Muslim theologian are for and others are against.

Another possibility he does not know that this verse was abroged.
We call that the naskh (Arabic : نسخ).
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