A company that runs with cult power
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05-12-2010, 03:59 PM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2010 04:04 PM by Kikko.)
A company that runs with cult power
This isn't new, but just this weekend media has taken a grip on the story.

The story begins in the beginning of the 80's among students of a technical university in Espoo. Tapani Koivuniemi, the bad guy of this story, started religious meetings among the student community, bible circles and such. Then the activity spreaded to the congregation of Olari, where the 'Monday Circle' got more active members, mostly highly educated people, like diplom-engineers and doctors. Then the group started to keep courses, in which people spoke in tongues and were taught to translate the 'holy language'. Then in the 90's the 'Milk Bar' was organized, as the 'Monday Circle' closed itself from the outside world. The 'Milk Bar' was open for everyone, but the 'Monday Circle' contained the inside.

In 1997, the 'Garden' was organized. Its members were ex-Milk Bar members and the sect was, of course, closed. The education of the kids of the members was organized inside the sect with the sects own material. Adults listened to the biblical teachings of Tapani Koivuniemi. In the beginning the women of the sect were pretty free, but then make up was banned, because according to Koivuniemis teachings Iisebel manipulates its husband through the husbands wife or something. The position of men as the heads of families was accentuated and ''holy mouthgiving'', in which people give long kisses to the wifes and husbands of others, became a common ritual. If one refused from it, the one was closely interrigated about his/her sex life.

Koivuniemis teachings accentuate totalitarian leadership and unquestionable authority. He has commanded maximum weights to the sect members, max. 19 body mass index units for men, and max. 17 for women. The kids are taught that Jesus likes thin boys and girls.

In 1999 Tapani Koivuniemi founded the Publishing House Koivuniemi. As you can see from the link, it first seems like a normal company, but the employees are the members of Koivuniemis sect. The company is able to provide cheap services, since it pays its eployees something from between 1000-2000€ per month and the employees work 65-75 hours per week, 6 days per week. The empoyees think that the profited money is used for Christian spiritual purposes, but none of the money is used for what the employees think its used to. Publishing House Koivuniemi is one of the most successful companies in Finland and its main customers have been state owned businesses and services + a few private businesses like Tapiola, Neste Oil and British Airways.

The kids in the sect are isolated from society, brainwashed into the the strict sect and trained to work in the company when they grow up. The women don't have much power and they have to do 'humbliness excercises', in which they crawl before their men and call them their masters and such.

That's all I know, but there's much more, since it's getting alot of media attention now.

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05-12-2010, 05:02 PM
RE: A company that runs with cult power
"When you listen to fools, The Mob Rules." - Excerp from The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath. When will people learn? Never.
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