A cool way to follow subscribed threads
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10-05-2011, 10:16 PM
A cool way to follow subscribed threads
If you use an rss reader (ie. google reader) to read your news from the internet then you will probably enjoy this little trick i found online.

What it does: Your subscribed threads will go from your email to your reader effortlessly. After you subscribe to a thread and someone replies, the email notification sent to you is automatically forwarded to a private blog which you subscribe to in your reader.
When you sit down to read the news all the topics you are following on forums will end up right there with the rest of your daily dose of information.

Here is the link to accomplish this It takes a little while to setup but it's well worth it if you are an avid rss junkie.

If you want to do this but you get stuck, confused or have questions feel free to ask me for help.
Also, If you found this helpful let me know. I want to see little posts in my reader haha.

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