A critic of Quran by me
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20-07-2013, 02:50 AM (This post was last modified: 20-07-2013 03:07 AM by Riqposso.)
RE: A critic of Quran by me
(20-07-2013 02:30 AM)Camatose Wrote:  
Quote:Please do not reconcile terrorist attacks with Islamic attacks . Muhammed says "If a muslim kills a muslim , both of them goes to the hell" .
If a Muslim kills an infidel he goes to the paradise. Muslims don't kill each other if they're Muslims, but if they wanted to kill each the other they consider the other party as infidels, which gives them the right to murder infidels in their beliefs.
Exactly. All of these are just wars of interests . Even Muhammad's Companions have done that for Caliphate after Muhammad died.

His neighbour brings Ashure , They eat it with bread !
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