A difficult choice
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19-11-2014, 09:15 AM
RE: A difficult choice
(19-11-2014 09:00 AM)Bows and Arrows Wrote:  I say go for it! Do it in a smart manner, start small, client pays travel expenses, has to fit in with your other schedules, etc

or have them ship cars to you?

But chase your dreams! Follow what brings you joy.

Dont just follow a dream, chase it. Live life to the fullest. You only get one go on this rock- make it a great one.

live life fully and wide open!

Well, the whole idea of traveling to do it is to fill the niche of those who don't want to ship their cars off. I also don't have a shop, and then I have to deal with even larger concerns such as the stress of insurance with shipping the cars, what goes wrong is the shipping carrier messes up the car, etc. These guys don't want to do that when they don't have to, so my idea would be to fill that niche.

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