A "ex-atheist's" experience in hell during a near death experience.
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29-09-2012, 02:48 PM
RE: A "ex-atheist's" experience in hell during a near death experience.
(31-08-2012 06:50 PM)Dom Wrote:  So when my husband was getting ready to die we were alone at home, he wanted it that way.

Some three days before he passed, when it was clear to both of us that his conscious time would be short now, I asked him if he wanted a priest or something.

We were both atheists, but since a lot of people apparently turn to god in their last moments, and since I never interefered in his life (nor did he in mine) and would respect whatever he wanted, I just wanted him to feel free to be and do whatever he wished.

He looked at me and had this odd expression on his face where I wasn't sure if he was going to laugh or cry. For a long while there was nothing and then he broke into the rant of his life time. At least it was the biggest rant had ever heard from him, he wasn't much prone to ranting.

He talked about the bigots in his life and the two faced blessed folk and and and... I didn't think he still had that kind of fervor in him. He went on for some ten minutes or more.

When he stopped I said: "Boy, you sure must have had that bottled up for some time". He said:" I just wish that some of the people I was referring to were here to hear me". I said: "You want I tell them about it?" he looked at me and started laughing hard. It was contageous and we both laughed. Then he said:" You know, I just could see their faces when they heard all this".

I said:"I'll make it so, then." he said:"No, don't. It won't do them any good, I won't be here to watch and you won't get anything out of it since you don't know them."

So I didn't, I don't know who these idiots are anyways.

So that's how it went with him, he never once changed his mind about being who he was. But then, he wasn't scared to die. He was ready to move on.

At one point I told him I thought he had incredible courage, and he said he didn't need any courage, he was just flowing with things and it didn't feel bad and was no battle for him.

I was with both my husband and my mom when they passed, and both of them were feeling positive. Mom was an atheist too, and she even had me stand in front of her hospital room to chase the inevitable priest off (That was the first time she told me she was an atheist. I never knew.). Both died very peacefully with relaxed expressions on their faces and relaxed bodies.

I think our bodies and minds are naturally ready to let go when the time comes. It's the fear of hell IMO that makes people scared and unable to let go when the end comes. From what I've seen, atheism allows you to flow with things peacefully, there isn't any fear of anything. What is there to be afraid of? Nothing.

Beautiful post, Dom. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Religious disputes are like arguments in a madhouse over which inmate really is Napoleon.
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29-09-2012, 04:28 PM
RE: A "ex-atheist's" experience in hell during a near death experience.
(31-08-2012 01:24 PM)Buddy Christ Wrote:  This was posted on facebook by one the dumber, more spiritual people I know. It's fun to watch things like this, just for the humor value.

The theatrics and the details of "the shadowy place," how sane people believe this is beyond me. I find it convenient that he started believing at the same time he became afraid of dying. Strange how getting closer to death solidifies a belief in a happy place after death.
This is called a bad trip. It always comes to regular users, sooner or later. It's just unusual, because most of people get it washed out of their system before they get on TV.
I think this man should consult a lawyer about suing the anaesthesiologist who probably used a wrong substance or wrong dosage. And probably suffered a permanent brain damage, as I hear... God is love, people choose Hell, yeah, it shows.
But he should consult a doctor too, because if he took something that he didn't disclose before the surgery and that the anaesthesia interfered with, then he'd lose the trial and the court expenses would be on him.
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