A future Pastor and Christian Apologist
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20-08-2012, 07:56 PM
RE: A future Pastor and Christian Apologist
Welcome TrueReason,
to a site where you might indeed find some truth and lots of reason.

Please bear in mind that there are a wide spectrum of views held by the folks here. Maybe that can be your first takeaway... no such thing as an Atheist (note the capitalisationism) worldview.

Start with and keep an open mind and we (or at least I) will do the same.

Be prepared for more than just a little cursing (Girly-style) as there are some here that consider the religious-meme to be a virus and that those infected have often been victims of child abuse (sympathy abounds here).
And I don't mean catholic-style child-rape (though there are some here who have been victims of that too), I mean mental abuse by the willful disctruction of the desire to and the ability to think critically.

The ex-perpetrators of this crime who have confessed their "sins" (there are some here) are also treated with sympathy and often respect.

Current, and in your case future, perpetrators of this crime could well be treated with utmost contempt.

I know one person on this site who has asked to change seats on a flight cos they found themselves next to a guy in a dress, to avoid the inevitable conviction for murder!

Just sayin'

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