A modest proposal for electoral reform
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01-02-2013, 07:43 PM
RE: A modest proposal for electoral reform
(27-01-2013 08:11 PM)Peterkin Wrote:  I propose we don't even try reforming the present election process - just scrap that sucker!

Forget the gerrymandering and colleges and throwing losing votes over the fence to a potential winner. Forget the districts. Throw away the voting machines and. Shut down the campaign-ad factories. Cancel the fund-raisers. Disband the parties. eject the lobbyists - but check their pockets for silverware.

It's ironic you should have this view, the GOP agrees with you but not in a way you would like them to.

Quote:Rigging the Vote: PA House Bill 94 Proposes New Republican Electoral College Reforms
If the plan to distribute votes based on gerrymandered Congressional districts, Obama would have received 12 out of 20 electoral votes, despite winning the statewide race by 4 points. Since Voter ID, voter
intimidation and other voting suppression tactics failed to deliver Mitt Romney the election, Republicans in state houses around the country are beginning to look at rigging the electoral vote to secure 2016.

Basically your decision is going to be made for you. Just watch the video in the link.

Science investigates, religion interprets.

I got my first like....[Image: weeping.gif] Thank you!
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