A question about drunk drivers.
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22-10-2012, 12:26 AM
A question about drunk drivers.
I was watching an episode of wildest police videos today. One of the clips shown was of a drunk driver that crashed his car and caused a fire. The fire was next to the car and he was concious, although too drunk to be aware of the danger. The police told him to get out of the car and his response was "No, I'm good.". In my opinion they should have just left it at that. If the fire department got there in time to put the fire out, he gets to live. Likewise if he came too his senses in time to save himself and get out of the car, he lives but should be taken immediately to jail. If he in fact is so intoxicated that he burns to death, then the world is just a slight bit better because it is just one less repeat offender that no longer has a chance at killing others in this world. What is your opinion of this? Am I right that these fools that just don't give enough of a shit to not drive stupid drunk should be allowed to accept their fate? If they save themselves, I have no problem with them being punished. If they are too blind drunk though to help themselves, should they just be allowed to meet their demise? Of course if they can't help themselves due to damage to the car, that is a different story. In the case I am reffering to, the damage to the car was pretty minimal, the door he would have had to open opened easily for the cops that saved his worthless ass.
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